James Bond Roulette Method

Roulette is undoubtedly one of the most popular games you will come across in top online and land-based casinos. This casino game follows simple rules, making it a perfect choice for beginners and expert players. The objective of this game is to predict where the ball will settle after spinning around the roulette wheel.

The appealing thing about roulette is that you can use different strategies despite being a game of chance. James Bond Roulette method is one of the most popular and reliable strategies. It has gained popularity among roulette players for its efficiency and simplicity. The good thing is that you can use this system whether you are playing European roulette or American roulette games.

In this guide, we've covered everything you need to know about the James bond roulette strategy. You'll learn how it works, the pros and cons, and much more.

What is a James Bond Roulette Strategy?

The James Bond roulette system is a flat betting system used by players to boost profits within a short time. What makes this strategy different from others is that it does not entirely depend on even money bets. This flat bet system is named after the famous movie character called Mr. Bond. This blockbuster movie was set in Casino Royale, which has gained fame since then.

The James Bond strategy used a combination of wagers to earn the potential reward. The objective is to combine bets of different payouts to increase profits. With this strategy, 20 units are designated by round, where the value is determined by the player.

The 20 units are split based on the following bets:

  • 14 chips are placed on numbers 19 to 36 on the roulette wheel.
  • 5 chips are placed on numbers 13 to 18 on the roulette table.
  • 1 chip is placed on the zero box.

Your bet amount on each round must allocate 70% on the outside bet, 25% on the six-line bet, and 5% is placed on the single zero. It is essential to understand that the James bond system works best on the European roulette table.

The whole idea of this roulette betting system is to cover as many outcomes in a single bet without landing small returns. Even though the covered bets are profitable, they are also pretty risky to play. Also, it is vital to employ your bankroll management skills when using the James Bond betting strategy.

How Does the James Bond Roulette Bet Work?

As mentioned earlier, the James bond betting system works in a pretty simple way. As a flat bet system, you are required to stake the same amount on each spin. One thing you must understand before using this strategy is that it does not guarantee 100% profit. Like other roulette betting systems, there is a probability of losing. Additionally, you need a sizeable bankroll to use and profit from the James Bond roulette tactic.

If you are going to play roulette using a total bet of $20, your stakes will be split into three bets $14, $5, and $1. These bets will cover roulette numbers 19 to 36, 13 to 18, and 0, respectively.

So, let's find out how each bet works and the potential returns:

Bet on Numbers 19 to 36

A bet on high numbers 19 to 36 offers a payout of 1 to 1 in both American and European roulette games. This is the biggest first play, as 70% of the total amount must be used on these numbers.

For instance, if your stake is $200, the first bet is $140, which earns a profit of $80. The chances of winning this hand are 50%, regardless of the roulette wheel you choose.

Bet on Numbers 13 to 18 or Line Bet

This is the second bet where chips are placed on numbers 13 to 18. In this case, you must pay 25% of your stake. You will get a payout of 5 to 1, but the chances of winning are pretty minimal. The average expected profit on European roulette is 16.2%, and 15.8% on the American roulette table.

Bet on Zero (0)

This is the last bet you play using the James Bond roulette strategy. It can be taken as an insurance bet, as the amount you get is low, and the payout is big. The average payout is 35 times the bet and the initial bet. This implies you get a $160 clean profit when your stake is $200.

Do understand that this progressive betting system is designed to generate big profits in the short term. Unfortunately, the chances of hitting a losing streak are high when you use it for a long time. That is why it is recommended to start with smaller bets before upgrading.

Using the James Bond Betting Strategy in Different Roulette Games

The James Bond system can be used when playing European and American roulette games. Let's find out how the betting system works in the two main variants:

The James Bond Strategy in European Roulette

If you are using the James Bond system in European roulette, you must first understand that this game has a house edge of 2.7%. This makes it favorable for the system to work seamlessly. It relies on even money bets, and the single zero allows you to play for a longer time.

The James Bond Strategy in American Roulette

In American roulette, the house edge is bigger (5.27%) since the wheel has double zeros. The downside is that you must understand that you will not win as much as when you play on the European roulette wheel.

How Much Can You Win with the James Bond Roulette System

The profit you gain from using the James bond betting system is determined by various factors. First of all, your cash funds and overall luck will determine the amount you get. Additionally, if the roulette ball lands on the single zero regularly, you get to recoup more losses.

The best way to determine how much you can make and how long you can play using the James bond roulette strategy is by practicing in free mode. Once you've mastered the basics of the system, you can upgrade to use it in playing real money casino games.

Roulette Table Limits of the James Bond Betting System

Many players are always concerned about roulette table limits when using the James bond betting system. The bet sizes and table limits vary depending on the online casino. Some roulette players choose to double their stake after losing bets, but there is always a cap on how much you can play. The secret of prolonging your playing time is by sticking to the same amount.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the James Bond Roulette Strategy

Like other roulette betting systems, the James Bond strategy has advantages and disadvantages for the players. They include:


  • It's a good betting system for short-term profits.
  • Suitable for playing with smaller bets.
  • It covers half of the roulette table.
  • Works perfectly on European roulette wheels.


  • It a risky to use.

Comparing The James Bond Betting Strategy to Martingale System

According to many people, using the martingale strategy can help to recover your lost bets from the James Bond betting system. However, this is not easy as it requires you to have a big bankroll to gamble away. Even though these two betting systems have some similarities, the Martingale system is used on even bets only. The thing you must understand is that the loss in the Martingale method is much bigger than the average win, but the house edge is constant.

Is the James Bond Roulette Strategy Legal?

Of course, yes, the James bond strategy is legal to use in any roulette game as long as the rules of the casino permit. Some land-based casinos restrict players from using betting systems to beat the house. The advantage of playing online roulette is that you can use any strategy without being monitored by the operator.

Conclusion - Is it Worth Using the James Bond Roulette Strategy

The James bond roulette strategy is recommended for short-term gains. After testing this system on various variants, the amount of profit we got was quite impressive. While the method can be profitable, you must understand the danger that is attached to it.

If you get more than one loss, there is a high risk of depleting your bankroll. As we mentioned earlier, the James Bond roulette strategy works well on the European roulette table since it has a single zero and a low house advantage.

Conclusively, make sure you test this betting system with free-mode games to understand how it works. Also, it is vital to play roulette at reputable and fully regulated online casino sites.

The James Bond System FAQs

What is a James Bond roulette strategy?

This is a betting system based on three different bets that cover more than 70% of the roulette wheel. The total amount you use in this strategy must be divided into three bets.

What are the odds of winning in the James Bond roulette system?

The odds of winning with the James Bond roulette strategy are appealing. The overall chance to win is almost 67.6%. This payout is pretty much higher compared to other roulette strategies.

Is the James Bond roulette betting strategy profitable?

The James Bond roulette strategy can generate higher profits if used well. The system involves spreading the bet amount to the most number on the roulette wheel.

Why is this strategy named James Bond?

The idea of covering two dozen of numbers and zero out of the total of 37 in roulette was mentioned for the first time in Ian Fleming's book 'Casino Royale.' The strategy helped Mr. Bond to win millions of French francs.

What is the best roulette game you can play with the James bond strategy?

The James Bond roulette bet is highly recommended for European roulette games. They have a lower house edge of 2.6%, plus the wheel has a single zero. You can use this strategy on an American roulette table, but the chances of winning are lower.

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