2-Column Roulette Strategy

Whether you play roulette in land-based or online casinos, you will see people using different betting systems with the hope of beating the game. The two-column strategy is one common method that is loved by new and expert gamers. Unlike other popular betting methods, this system is quite simple and increases the odds of winning each spin that you play.

If you are interested in learning more about the 2-column betting system, this guide is for you. We've described how it works in roulette games, the potential returns, and more relevant information to get you started.

Two-Column System - What is it?

As the name suggests, a 2-column system requires players to wager on two columns, that is, 24 numbers to bet on. 14 numbers out of 24 are green, and the remaining 10 numbers are red. Do understand that you will not win both bets if you place them in separate columns.

The objective of the 2-column bet strategy is to cover as many numbers on the roulette table as possible. This way, you boost your odds of winning each spin you play. Additionally, you need to know that this column bet is very personal, as it requires players to be creative along the way. It is not just about guessing between red and black.

The drawback of 2 columns system is that if you are unlucky to lose, then it is calculated twice as much. If you are playing European roulette, the system covers 64.8% of the table and an area of 63.2% for the American roulette table.

Nevertheless, the potential profit per spin is lower compared to other more aggressive systems like Martingale and Fibonacci. The reason is that you are comparing two different columns.

How Does the 2-Column Strategy Work in Roulette?

The two columns bet system is rather straightforward than its counterparts. It is suitable for amateur and experienced players. Additionally, the system works on all roulette variants, including European and American games.

You begin by placing bets on two columns, e.g., the 1st and 2nd columns, on the roulette wheel. Next is to bet two units in the column you think the ball will land. Then you wager one unit in the column you want to hedge.

For instance, if your stake is $10 per unit, you will be paid $40 from a $20 bet session. Also, you get the original bet back with this strategy. The downside is that you will lose your hedge bet if three columns are used. Note that if the house edge column comes into action, you break even.

The advantage of the 2-columns bet is that you can play with 6-line bets or a combination of other corner bets. The most important thing is to ensure you cover as many pockets as the 2 columns without overlapping your wagers. Remember that the profit increases if the roulette ball lands in an overlapped area on th wheel.

Pros and Cons of the 2-Column Roulette Strategy

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of applying the 2 columns roulette betting strategy.

Pros of 2-Column Roulette Strategy

  • It's flexible and can easily adapt to an individual's needs.
  • It offers reasonable chances of winning, but it does not guarantee a 100% chance of winning.
  • Quite easy to understand and apply to different roulette games.
  • Less aggressive than other roulette strategies.

Cons of 2-Column Roulette Strategy

  • It requires players to keep an eye on the bankroll because it involves multiplying the bet amount.
  • It does not lower the house edge or increase the odds of winning.

In Summary - Is it Worthy Using the 2-Column System?

To make it clear to all, the two-column strategy neither guarantees 100% wins nor does it lower the house edge. The best thing about this strategy is that it allows you to combine other corner bets into one. 

Make sure you master how the approach works when you apply it in different roulette games. It is worth noting that you must choose a fully licensed and regulated online casino to practice the 2 column method. Therefore, sign up at your preferred casino, make the first deposit and play real money roulette games.

Two-Column Strategy FAQs

Here are some common questions you will hear about 2 column roulette strategy:

Can I use the 2 column strategy in any roulette game?

Of course, yes. You can use the two-column strategy to play roulette at any online or land-based casino. There is no law that limits players from applying this approach anywhere.

Does the 2 column method offer the best way to make money in roulette?

While there is no roulette strategy that guarantees 100% wins, using the two-column system can keep you safe from using up your bankroll. The appealing thing about this strategy is that you can combine multiple corner bets to win big on an individual spin.

Is the two-column strategy suitable for any player?

Sure, the two-column strategy works for people of all experiences. It is easy to understand and easy to use on any roulette game you like. Nevertheless, it is advisable to practice the strategy in free roulette games before advancing to playing real money bets.

Can the 2-column method help a player recover lost bets?

Yes, this strategy can help a player recoup lost wagers. But the player must ensure to cover as many pockets as the 2 columns without overlapping your wagers.

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