Roulette is a casino game that has been around for centuries. It is a popular game among both casual and serious players alike. While the rules of roulette are fairly simple, the game offers a great deal of excitement and suspense. Players can place bets on one or more numbers, groups of numbers, or colors. The outcome of each spin is determined by where the ball lands on the roulette wheel. Roulette is a fun and easy game to learn, making it a great choice for beginners and experienced players.

Read our series of roulette guides to learn everything you need to know about playing the game, from basic rules and strategy advice to tips for how to win. You can also find information on the different variants of roulette available and reviews of the top online casinos where you can play roulette for free or real money.

Hollandish Roulette System

Roulette is a luck-based table game, but players can still use strategies to optimize their chances of winning big. Many roulette betting strategies have been developed over the years, and they are accepted across all online casinos.

The Hollandish method is a popular negative progression system used by avid roulette players. This means that players must increase the bet amount after a losing round. We've covered everything in our complete review to help you get a better understanding of the Hollandish roulette system and how it is used in roulette games. 

Also, we have highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of this method for you to determine if it is worth using.

Read on to learn more before using it.

What is the Hollandish Roulette Strategy?

As mentioned earlier, the Hollandish roulette system is based on the negative progression system logic. So, each time you lose a bet, you must increase by one unit. It follows the same idea as popular betting systems like Martingale and Labouchere. The advantage of the Hollandish strategy is that it has a lower risk.

The objective of this method is to analyze the betting session as multiple smaller versions for three spins. After assessing the success rate of each round, it recommends the best approaches for the next three wagers. The exclusive thing about this strategy is that the bet size adjustments don't depend on the outcome of the previous coup.

Do understand that the Hollandish sequence works best on even money bets. The common roulette inside bets you can play include low/high, even or odd, and red/black. Additionally, this system is not very aggressive as you can use it with a relatively low bankroll.

Using the Hollandish Betting System in Roulette - Does it Work?

The Hollandish roulette system works in a pretty simple way. As we have discussed above, it dictates that the stakes increase once after three spins. The betting roulette sessions in this system are divided into stages of three coups each. This implies that the bet amount changes after every three spins.

The first step is to decide on your base unit. You can adjust to any unit size you like depending on your bankroll and betting session. The progression in this betting system may be intimidating at first, but it's straightforward. 

The increase is based on the initial bet. If your betting limit is one unit per coup, you should follow this Hollandish sequence 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, but if you are betting two units per coup, the progress to follow is 2, 6, 10, 14, 18, 22, 26.

The numbers in the progression show the bet units that you must stake in each coup. You can see that the bets increase by four units in the second sequence and only two units in the first progression.

Hollandish Roulette Strategy in Action

The following steps demonstrate the Hollandish system in action using a stake of $10. You can change the bet amount to anything, depending on your bankroll.

You start by betting $10, which is played three times in a row. If you profit by the end of the three bets, you return to the start of the progression and place one unit of $10 three times consecutively. By being on profit, it means you must win at least 2 of the 3 coups in the session.

In case a mini-session ends on profit, you return to the start of the progression and wager one unit. However, if you have lost 2 out of three coups in the mini-session, you must try to recover your previous stage losses by raising your stake by two units. 

If you happen to be on profit at the end of the three bets, you reset to one unit and start over again. But if you are still on the losing streak, you must increase your stake by two units.

Like many negative progression systems, the Hollandish works in a simple way, though some newbies may see it complicated. The only challenge is that you must adjust progression based on the starting bet amount.

Pros and Cons of Using the Hollandish Strategy

Before you buy the Hollandish betting system idea, you must understand that it has the same weakness as other systems you may have used.

Pros of Hollandish Strategy

  • Bets do not increase quickly like other negative progression systems.
  • The bankroll is depleted at a slower rate.
  • It can be used by beginners and experienced roulette players.
  • Quite interesting rules making it fun to play.
  • Players are not required to have more wins to profit from the system.
  • Gradual progression in the bet amount protects players from hitting the table limits.

Cons of Using the Hollandish Roulette Table Strategy

  • It takes time to grind a profit after a losing streak.
  • It has a small profit compared to other strategies.

The Bottom Line - Is the Hollandish System Worth Using?

While the Hollandish betting strategy doesnt have an impact on the house edge and odds in roulette, it reduces the effect of losing your entire bankroll. The objective of the system is to help players recover lost bets.

Compared to other negative progressive approaches, it is less aggressive. Additionally, the strategy is manageable by beginners and experienced roulette players. Another advantage of the Hollandish system is that it is legal to be applied in online casino games. Nevertheless, this strategy works best for players who keep track of their betting history.

Despite the few drawbacks, we find the Hollandish betting system more reasonable than other roulette strategies. Before you use this method, make sure you practice at free roulette tables and master how it works.

Hollandish Betting Strategy FAQs

Can I use the Hollandish system to claim my previous losses?

Yes. If you follow the system rules and understand the gameplay in roulette games.

Does the Hollandish betting system lower the house edge in roulette?

Unfortunately, the Hollandish strategy does not reduce the odds and house edge in casinos.

Which is an excellent alternative to the Hollandish roulette strategy?

The best replacement for the Hollandish approach is the Martingale strategy. It follows the same logic and guarantees decent payouts to lucky players.
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2-Column Roulette Strategy

Whether you play roulette in land-based or online casinos, you will see people using different betting systems with the hope of beating the game. The two-column strategy is one common method that is loved by new and expert gamers. Unlike other popular betting methods, this system is quite simple and increases the odds of winning each spin that you play.

If you are interested in learning more about the 2-column betting system, this guide is for you. We've described how it works in roulette games, the potential returns, and more relevant information to get you started.

Two-Column System - What is it?

As the name suggests, a 2-column system requires players to wager on two columns, that is, 24 numbers to bet on. 14 numbers out of 24 are green, and the remaining 10 numbers are red. Do understand that you will not win both bets if you place them in separate columns.

The objective of the 2-column bet strategy is to cover as many numbers on the roulette table as possible. This way, you boost your odds of winning each spin you play. Additionally, you need to know that this column bet is very personal, as it requires players to be creative along the way. It is not just about guessing between red and black.

The drawback of 2 columns system is that if you are unlucky to lose, then it is calculated twice as much. If you are playing European roulette, the system covers 64.8% of the table and an area of 63.2% for the American roulette table.

Nevertheless, the potential profit per spin is lower compared to other more aggressive systems like Martingale and Fibonacci. The reason is that you are comparing two different columns.

How Does the 2-Column Strategy Work in Roulette?

The two columns bet system is rather straightforward than its counterparts. It is suitable for amateur and experienced players. Additionally, the system works on all roulette variants, including European and American games.

You begin by placing bets on two columns, e.g., the 1st and 2nd columns, on the roulette wheel. Next is to bet two units in the column you think the ball will land. Then you wager one unit in the column you want to hedge.

For instance, if your stake is $10 per unit, you will be paid $40 from a $20 bet session. Also, you get the original bet back with this strategy. The downside is that you will lose your hedge bet if three columns are used. Note that if the house edge column comes into action, you break even.

The advantage of the 2-columns bet is that you can play with 6-line bets or a combination of other corner bets. The most important thing is to ensure you cover as many pockets as the 2 columns without overlapping your wagers. Remember that the profit increases if the roulette ball lands in an overlapped area on th wheel.

Pros and Cons of the 2-Column Roulette Strategy

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of applying the 2 columns roulette betting strategy.

Pros of 2-Column Roulette Strategy

  • It's flexible and can easily adapt to an individual's needs.
  • It offers reasonable chances of winning, but it does not guarantee a 100% chance of winning.
  • Quite easy to understand and apply to different roulette games.
  • Less aggressive than other roulette strategies.

Cons of 2-Column Roulette Strategy

  • It requires players to keep an eye on the bankroll because it involves multiplying the bet amount.
  • It does not lower the house edge or increase the odds of winning.

In Summary - Is it Worthy Using the 2-Column System?

To make it clear to all, the two-column strategy neither guarantees 100% wins nor does it lower the house edge. The best thing about this strategy is that it allows you to combine other corner bets into one. 

Make sure you master how the approach works when you apply it in different roulette games. It is worth noting that you must choose a fully licensed and regulated online casino to practice the 2 column method. Therefore, sign up at your preferred casino, make the first deposit and play real money roulette games.

Two-Column Strategy FAQs

Here are some common questions you will hear about 2 column roulette strategy:

Can I use the 2 column strategy in any roulette game?

Of course, yes. You can use the two-column strategy to play roulette at any online or land-based casino. There is no law that limits players from applying this approach anywhere.

Does the 2 column method offer the best way to make money in roulette?

While there is no roulette strategy that guarantees 100% wins, using the two-column system can keep you safe from using up your bankroll. The appealing thing about this strategy is that you can combine multiple corner bets to win big on an individual spin.

Is the two-column strategy suitable for any player?

Sure, the two-column strategy works for people of all experiences. It is easy to understand and easy to use on any roulette game you like. Nevertheless, it is advisable to practice the strategy in free roulette games before advancing to playing real money bets.

Can the 2-column method help a player recover lost bets?

Yes, this strategy can help a player recoup lost wagers. But the player must ensure to cover as many pockets as the 2 columns without overlapping your wagers.
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1326 Roulette System

The suspense of waiting for the ball to land and the thrilling experience of roulette is what makes it a lovable table game. More interesting is that players can use different betting systems to optimize the chances of enjoying a long winning streak.

1326 roulette system is a reliable method used by new and experienced roulette players. As a positive progression system, it works by increasing your winnings. What differentiates it from the Paroli system is that the 1326 strategy boosts your winnings over a four-number winning streak.

Nevertheless, you must understand that the 1326 system isn't a guarantee that you are going to win all the time. So, if you find the 1326 system interesting, we've got your back. This guide covers everything you need to know before using this gambling system on your favorite roulette tables.

What is the 1326 Roulette Strategy?

The 1326 strategy is a positive progression system you can use for playing even money bets in roulette. The strategy is easy to follow as all you have to do is raise your stake with every win and return to the base bet when you lose.

The good thing about the betting system is that it offers small but consistent wins that increase when you win consecutive bets. Unlike other betting systems, the 1326 strategy has small losses because you don't have a big bankroll.

How Does the 1326 System Work in Roulette?

The 1326 strategy is designed to work with betting units. You start with playing 1 betting unit, 3 units, 2 units, and lastly, 6 units. The system requires you to increase your wager based on the sequence and return to the original bet when you lose.

As mentioned earlier, the 1326 system works on even money wagers like even/odd, red/black, and high/low. This makes it easy for all players to use.

Before you use this system, you must determine your ante bet first. It is advisable to begin with small stakes to maximize your profits. For instance, if your first bet is $10, the first round of betting with this system will be $10, $30, $20, and $60, respectively.

If you are lucky to win each wager, you follow the progression and add 1 in the first round, 3 in the second round, 2 in the third round, and 6 in the fourth bet. As you can see, you must increase your betting unit 6 times in the last round.

However, if you lose in any round, you must go back to the initial bet. 

While the 1326 system works like other positive progressions, it demands you nudge down after the second win.

To help you to understand how the 1326 system works, here is a quick illustration using roulette outside bets:

  • Bet 1: $10 – winners proceed to Bet 2 (losers begin again at $10)
  • Bet 2: $30 – winners go to the third bet (losers are down $20 and start again with Bet 1)
  • Bet 3: $20 – winners proceed to the fourth bet (losers are already up to $20 overall and begin again with Bet 1)
  • Bet 4: $60 – winners pocket the total amount of $120, with a $20 investment (losers break even)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the 1326 Strategy

There are advantages and disadvantages you get for using the 1326 method to increase your profits in casino games. These are:

Advantages of the 1326 Strategy

  • It limits losses, so you don't have to play big wagers.
  • The system is easy to learn and use in online casino games.
  • Allow players to lock in significant profits in the long run.
  • It increases your profit when on a winning streak.

Disadvantages of the 1326 Strategy

  • The system doesnt offset the house edge in roulette.
  • It highly depends on luck to be successful.
  • Smaller profits compared to other progression systems.

Conclusion - Does the 1326 Betting Strategy Work?

Before you play roulette, you must understand that no strategy can alter the house edge in your favor. A betting system is only a guideline to maximize your profit. If you prefer a slow and steady way to build your bankroll, this system will work for you.

Many casinos allow players to employ different strategies, including the 1326 system in roulette and other casino games. We hope that you have understood how the strategy works. Make sure you choose a casino that is fully licensed and regulated by a recognized authority to test this system.

1326 Strategy FAQs

Is the 1326 roulette system reliable?

Like other betting strategies, the 1326 system does not guarantee you wins. But it can be profitable if you follow the sequence and other rules.

Can I use the 1326 strategy on other online casino games?

Sure, this betting system works on other popular online casino table games like blackjack.
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What is the Safest Roulette Bet?

If you are playing roulette for the first time, you may be wondering which is the safest bet to choose. The first thing you must understand is that roulette is a game of chance. Nevertheless, players can apply different roulette betting strategies to boost their chances of winning.

Roulette is specifically popular in both land-based and online casinos. Like many casino table games, roulette has different versions. The good thing is the rules of playing are the same. The biggest difference in the games is in the variety of bets.

Therefore, whether you are new or have been playing roulette for some time and you wish to increase your odds of winning, this article is for you. We've shared the best roulette strategy and other reliable betting systems you can use. Carry on reading to find out the safest roulette bets to try out.

Choosing the Safest Roulette Betting Strategy

As mentioned earlier, this guide aims to help you find the best strategy to use in roulette games. We've explained the various factors you must keep in mind when looking for the best roulette strategies:

  • Type of Roulette Game: Even though you play roulette games with the same rule, they offer different odds of winning. Ensure you know the odds to determine the right strategy to use.
  • Betting Limits: It is essential to understand the betting limit of the roulette game you are playing and that of other variations. Roulette games have different betting limits to accommodate people of all budgets. Make sure you know the minimum bet and maximum bet of the game.
  • Types of Bets: Each roulette betting system involves playing different types of bets. To apply these systems successfully, you must ensure you understand how each of them works.
  • House Edge: The house edge in European and French roulette games is different from the American roulette wheel. Thus, it is vital to know the house edge and how it affects the odds of winning.

The Best Online Roulette Bets and Payout Odds

Before you delve into playing roulette, you must understand the different types of bets. A standard roulette wheel has two main types of bets - the outside bets and the inside bets. Also, some roulette variations have called bets. The bets follow different rules and have varying odds.

Nonetheless, many people prefer outside wagers as the best roulette bets because they are straightforward and with regular payouts. Since these bets have a lower risk, the odds of winning tend to be in favor of the player. The drawback of outside bets is the payouts are significantly smaller than the inside bets.

The following are different types of outside and inside bets and the payout odds:

Outside Bets and Payout Odds

  • Column Bet: It's a wager covering 12 numbers on the roulette table and a payout ratio of 2:1.
  • Dozens Bet: This bet also covers 12 numbers and pays 2:1.
  • Odds or Even Bet: It's a bet on whether the outcome will be an odd or even number. Even money bets payout 1:1.
  • Red or Black Bet: You bet on whether the ball lands in a red or black pocket on the roulette wheel. It has an even money bet payout of 1:1.
  • High or Low Bet: This bet is made half of the numbers on the roulette wheel. Low numbers range between 1 to 18, and the high numbers are from 19 to 36.

Inside Bets and Payout Odds

  • Straight Up Bet: It's a bet on any number and offers a payout rate of 35:1.
  • Corner Bet: It's a wager on four numbers forming a square and offers a payout ratio of 8:1.
  • Split Bet: Split bets cover two adjustment numbers and offer payout odds of 17:1.
  • 5-Number Bet: It's a bet on five numbers and offers a payout of 6:1.
  • 6-Number Bet: It's a bet of six numbers and offers a payout of 5:1.
  • Street Bet: It's a three-number bet and offers a payout of 11:1.

Other best bets in roulette games include straight bets, line bets, combination bets,

Best Roulette Strategies

The advantage when you play roulette online is that you can apply different strategies and betting systems to maximize the opportunities of winning. These roulette tips and strategies will work differently depending on the game and playing style. It is essential to understand that we have progressive and non-progressive betting strategies.

Without any further ado, these are the most popular betting strategies for new and experienced players:

James Bond Roulette Strategy

The James Bond strategy is everyone's favorite in the game of roulette. However, this betting system is suitable only for those planning to play for an extended time.

It works in a pretty simple way and allows you to play with multiples of $200. The initial bet of $140 is on numbers 19 and 36; the second bet of $50 is on numbers 13 to 18, and the last bet of $10 is on the single zero in European roulette games. The interesting thing is the James Bond strategy is expected to work 2 out of 3 times if it is used accordingly.

Martingale Strategy

Another popular betting system is the Martingale strategy. The betting strategy is based on the idea that you will win eventually and recover the lost bets. It works like even money bets where you get a 50/50 chance of winning. With the Martingale system, you must double your bet when you lose. The challenge of this strategy is that you may overspend while chasing your losing bets.

The Bottom Line - Which is the Safest Bet in Roulette?

Many factors determine a safe bet in roulette. First, the type of roulette wheel will determine the odds of winning. Since French and European roulette features a low house edge of 2.7, they are the favorite games of many people. On the other hand, American roulette has the highest house advantage of 5.26%.

When it comes to bets, we recommend outside bets, especially for beginners. Although the payouts are smaller, they occur regularly. Inside bets have big payouts; the problem is they take much longer to appear.

Unlike other luck-based online casino games, you can follow tips and betting strategies to increase your chances of winning a roulette game. Ensure you master roulette rules before playing at your best online casinos.


What is the best bet in a roulette game?

Generally, the best wager in roulette is an even-money bet, like the red/black, even/odd, etc. These bets have relatively low payouts, but they happen frequently.

Which is the highest payout odds in roulette?

The best roulette payout odds are 35 to 1 on a straight-up bet. The chances of winning are higher in European roulette than in American roulette games.
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Roulette Paroli System

New to roulette betting systems? Well, it is essential to understand that there are different betting systems you can use when playing roulette online or at land-based casinos. The good thing is that the systems work across all types of roulette games.

The roulette Paroli system is one of the most popular strategies used by players to optimize the odds of winning. While this betting system works in a simple way, it is essential to understand the rules.

In this complete guide to the Paroli betting system, we'll explain how it works, the different variations, the pros and cons, and more.

Roulette Paroli System - What is it?

The Paroli system, also known as the anti-martingale, is a positive progression betting system. This roulette system has its origins in Europe, and it started being used in the 20th century.

Unlike other betting systems, the Paroli strategy requires you to double your bet after a win rather than a loss. This roulette system is best used on even money bets, such as red or black, hi/lo, and odds or even.

The reason many roulette players prefer the Paroli betting system is that it can limit losses and boost your payouts. Also, you can employ this strategy in any roulette game.

How Does Paroli Betting System Work?

The Paroli betting system works in a pretty simple way. It's a positive progression system, which means that you must raise your bet after the previous winnings and decrease on a losing streak.

With this system, you must reset your stake after three consecutive wins. If you lose a bet, you return to one unit and start again. Considering the logic behind the Paroli betting system, you enjoy a low loss limit and high potential payouts.

For example, if you are playing roulette and you bet one unit and win. You raise the stake to two units, and if you win, you get a net profit of three units. If you wager four units on the third wager and win, you get a return profit of seven units. But, if the third spin is lost, you also lose the four units and a loss of one unit.

As such, the losing streak in the Paroli betting system is harmless, while the winning streaks have huge potential profits. Note that this betting system works in a slow way but can be pretty profitable in the long run.

Variations of Paroli Roulette Strategy

One of the advantages of the Paroli system is that you can alter it to be profitable even when you lose a bet. Rather than doubling your stake after each win, you can increase the bet in a less aggressive style.

The Fibonacci sequence is one popular variation you can alternate with the Paroli strategy. Although the profit may not be big, a loss does not make the whole bet useless.

Another reliable system is the even number sequence. Getting four consecutive wins rewards 13 units, and losing the fourth spin rewards one unit of profit.

Unfortunately, some roulette players like betting aggressively while using the Paroli system. This is risky as the system is designed to rely on sound decisions.

Pros and Cons of the Paroli Roulette System

Like other roulette systems, the Paroli strategy has strengths and weaknesses. We have highlighted the following points to help you decide whether the system is for you or not.

Pros of the Paroli System

  • The first benefit is that the Paroli system is relatively easy to learn and apply to roulette table games. You can master it within seconds and use it to play roulette and other casino games.
  • Players don't need a huge bankroll to start using the Paroli strategy. It can be used by high rollers and players on a budget.
  • Another thing is that table limits don't matter when using the Paroli system. Since you play with a max bet of four units, it's impossible to hit the roulette table max bet.
  • The Paroli progression system helps to maximize winning streaks in roulette, as you can win up to 7 units.
  • Additionally, there is less risk of going broke when you use the Paroli system. The strategy does not have many surprises you find in other roulette betting systems.
  • Lastly, the Paroli system does not chase losses like other strategies. It helps roulette players to maximize all opportunities of winning while reducing losses.

Cons of the Paroli System

  • The drawback of the Paroli system is that it cannot reduce the house edge in a roulette wheel. All roulette variations maintain their respective house advantages and payout odds.
  • This system is designed for long-term profit, meaning you cannot rely on it if you are after instant returns.

Is Paroli Betting System Worth Using?

In our opinion, this is one of the best roulette strategies for beginners and veteran players. It is an excellent system to help you to manage your bankroll. Of course, no betting strategy is perfect, but using the Paroli method has been helpful to many players. It is a more conservative and progressive system than others you may have used before. Also, with this method, you don't have to worry about finishing with an empty bankroll or exceeding the table limits. Considering all these aspects and many others, we find the Paroli method quite recommendable for all roulette enthusiasts. Always keep in mind the rules governing this strategy before applying it to roulette or other casino game like sic bo.


Overall, we found the Paroli a helpful betting system and more profitable than other options. This system is easier to learn, and you can use it to play any casino games you like. Another appealing thing about this strategy is it rewards small but regular profits. The reason it is considered the safest method is that it prevents players from breaking the bank. Before using any betting system, it is vital to be aware that each casino game has a house edge. This means that the game is programmed to benefit the casino in the long run. Another thing is to choose a safe and regulated online casino.

Paroli Betting System FAQ

Is the roulette Paroli method suitable for beginners?

Of course, yes. The Paroli method can be good for beginners since it is straightforward. Also, this system protects players from running out of bankroll.

Can you double your bet after three wins?

Players can continue doubling bets after three straight-up wins, even if it is against the rules of the system.

Is Paroli the most effective roulette betting system?

The efficiency of the Paroli system depends on the individual. The system works and can be profitable if the player follows the set rules.

Can I use the Paroli system on any casino game?

The advantage of this strategy is that it covers many games, including roulette, sic bo, and blackjack.
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24+8 Roulette System

Roulette enthusiasts are constantly looking for the most successful ways to win. The advantage of roulette is that you can employ various strategies, despite being a game of luck. While no strategy guarantees 100% profit, the 24+8 roulette system offers a 90% chance of winning.

Nevertheless, you must understand that bad luck may strike and lower your chances to 10%. This strategy works best for low-stakes players and those looking for a better way.

This guide is dedicated to helping players to understand how the 24+8 system works, the games you can play, and much more.

What is a 24+8 Roulette System - Is it Legal in Casinos?

As mentioned earlier, 24+8 is a relatively low-grinding betting system that offers around a 90% chance of winning playing roulette. However, the outcome depends on the type of roulette game that you are playing. If you are a fan of European roulette, you have a 91.89% chance of winning or a push.

American roulette tables have a lower chance of winning at 89.47%. This implies that players have 0ny 8.1% or 10.53% chance of losing with this betting system. The reason 24+8 is known as a grinding strategy is that players must win five times to recover the initial bet. If you are unfortunate to lose before you win five times, you lose. Therefore, you must continue grinding until you win your lost bets.

Of course, yes, the 24+8 roulette strategy is accepted in land-based and online casinos. However, this is not a cheat or win-money method. The odds are still in favor of the player. The good thing is that there is only a 10% chance of losing in this strategy. Also, you get a longer time to grind and recover your bets.

How Does 24+8 Roulette Strategy Work?

Before you delve into learning how the 24+8 strategy works, it is essential to know that the original versions had faults. Our guide is based on the new version, which works more or less the same as the original system.

The first step is to place 10 units on each of the 1st and 3rd outside dozen wagers. Also, you place 10 single units on any 10 numbers in the second dozen. With this method, only two numbers can be lost, and the single green zero if you are playing European roulette. American roulette also has the double zero pocket that results in a loss.

Every time the two dozen bets hit, it becomes a push. In this case, you neither win nor lose. You recover only what you wager. Nevertheless, if one of the straight-up bets becomes active, you earn 6 units.

Therefore, you must win five times to cover the initial stake. But since you have a 90% chance of not losing, you are sure to get at least 2 or 3 wins out of six. Like other roulette strategies, this system works in the long run as long as you win.

Even though there is a low chance of losing, it can hit early, leading to losing the entire stake. If you are a beginner, you should start with the minimum table limits. This is because you are occasionally required to increase your stake.

Other Best Roulette Systems Similar to 24+4 Strategy

Besides 24+8, there are many systems you can use to optimize your chances of winning. You can use these systems when playing your favorite roulette games. Regardless of the betting system you use, the payouts in roulette have the same odds. You will find different options like the straight-up bet, corner bet, and total bet. These best roulette systems are:

Martingale System: The martingale strategy is one of the most popular negative betting progression roulette systems. The player must double the bet after a loss and decrease it by one unit on the winning streak. It is an excellent strategy for even money bets like red or black, odd or even, and high or low.

Double Street Quad System: The double streets quad is a unique system that allows players to cover a total of 17 numbers. You stake two chips each on two separate double streets and select two areas to enable you to cover a total of 12 numbers. Also, you place one chip on a quad bet and one more chip on a random number that is already covered.

D'Alembert System: The objective of the d'Alembert system is to help you to recover your losses. This low-risk strategy is suitable for experienced players looking to increase the odds of winning. You can use this system on any roulette game you prefer.

Tiers du Cylindre System: This is a simple system that grants a reasonable loss-to-win ratio bigger than 1:3. The goal of this strategy is to help players to make a profit from the casino's money. The stake is split into two, where you play the first 1/3 on the first spin, and if you lose, you bet the remaining 3/4 on the next spin.

Conclusion - Is the 24+8 Roulette Strategy Worth Using?

Conclusively, the 24+8 is a simple roulette strategy to learn and implement. The best thing about this low-risk roulette betting strategy is that you have a 10% chance of losing and a 90% chance of winning. In case the strategy fails, you can use the Martingale system to optimize your odds of winning.

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How to Play Double Ball Roulette

Double ball roulette is an exclusive game by Evolution Gaming. As the name suggests, this roulette version stands out from others for using two balls rather than the usual one ball. Of course, the number of balls affects the overall gameplay and the potential returns you get from your bets. The addition of an extra ball in standard roulette games has advantages and disadvantages for the player.

This article explores all the features of a double-ball roulette game. We've explained the rules, the betting layout, the types of bets and payouts, and much more.

What is Double Ball Roulette?

Double ball roulette is a unique and exciting game from the giant developers at Evolution Gaming. This game was released in 2016 and quickly became popular in top online casinos. The strange feature of this game is that it uses two balls instead of one ball. This means that players get two winning numbers from a single spin.

Live Double ball roulette has a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 97.30%, which means it has a house edge of 2.70%. The minimum bet to play is $0.25, and the maximum stake varies depending on the roulette wheel. This roulette game is streamed from studios in Malta and Latvia. The game is playable on mobile devices and desktop computers.

Like the American roulette game, it features 38 pockets, including a single zero and a double zero. Although the roulette balls spin at the same speed, the second ball lands after the first ball. Following the changes in the gameplay and payout odds, double ball roulette quickly gained popularity in top US online casinos.

How to Play Double Ball Roulette - Rules

The first thing to do when learning a new game is to familiarize yourself with the rules. This step will help you to know what is to be done. The good thing about the Double ball roulette wheel is that it has many similarities with traditional roulette games. But you will realize that this version has a few twists to the rules and the betting layout.

The double-ball roulette variant can be played on a single zero wheel or double zero game. Playing double-ball roulette is simple, as the outcome depends on luck. You don't need a special strategy to alter the outcome of the spinning balls.

Ardent roulette players will notice that the betting layout in Double Ball roulette has three rows with 12 numbers each. The bets vary depending on the variant you choose. The distinctive feature of this version is that there is a field combining black and red spots on the grid.

With two balls instead of one, players have twice the chance of winning the inside bets. The only problem is that the payout is relatively smaller than the common roulette games. One of the two balls must land in the selected pocket for the inside straight-up bet to win. The advantage is that players can place two single-number bets.

For example, you can bet on 13 and 29, and if the numbers show up, you win both bets. Though the payouts are slightly reduced, the chances of a winning number appearing are twice as big.

Nevertheless, you must understand that the case is quite different when you place outside bets. The only way you can win is if both balls land in the selected boxes. For example, if you decide to bet on the number seven, both roulette balls must land on that number for the bet to pay. The advantage of playing double ball roulette outside bets is the payouts are bigger.

Furthermore, players can bet on both balls landing in the same pocket. The player collects a double ball jackpot if the bet is successful.

Types of Bets in Double Ball Roulette

It's clear now that you can place inside and outside bets in double-ball roulette. In fact, some variants allow you to place special bets in this game. As you know, the type of bets will determine the payouts you get. The following are the main betting options available when playing double ball roulette:

Inside Bets

The inside bets are special in this roulette game, and it is made in the same way as other traditional games. What attracts many people to double-ball roulette is the double chance of winning. The following are the different inside bets you can place:

Straight-Up Bet: This inside bet is made on a single number, including the single and double zeros. You place the betting chip in the box with your preferred number. If one ball lands on the selected number, you get a payout of 17 to 1 and 34 to 1 if both balls land in the box.

Split Bet: A split bet is made on two numbers that are adjacent to each other. You place the chips on the line separating two numbers. The payout rate is 8 to 1 for a single ball and 16 to 1 if both balls land.

Street Bet: This bet covers three numbers in a row. The betting chip is placed on the line at the end of a row. This bet has a payout rate of 5 to 1 if only one ball lands and 10 to 1 if both balls land in the selected box or number.

Corner Bet: The corner bet is called a square bet, which comprises four numbers sharing a common corner. If one ball lands on the selected number, you get paid at a rate of 3 to 1 and 6 to 1 if both balls settle in the box.

Five Number Bet: This is an American roulette game special wager covering only five numbers - 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. You place the betting chips on the line between 0 and 1. The payout rate for one ball is 5 to 2 and 5 to 1 if both balls land on one of the five numbers.

Line Bet: A line bet covers two rows with three numbers each. You place the chips at the end of the line dividing two rows. The payout when a single ball lands on the line is 2 to 1 and 4 to 1 for the two balls.

Outside Bets

The outside bets are played differently in double-ball roulette. The tricky part is that all balls must successfully settle in the selected box for these bets to pay. The advantage is that you enjoy big payouts on successful bets. The following are outside bets in double ball roulette:

Red/Black, Odd/Even, and High/Low: This outside bet offers a payout rate of 3 to 1 if the two balls settle in 18 pockets.

Dozen Bet: A dozen bet covers 12 numbers, and the bet is won if both balls settle on the numbers you selected. The payout for this bet is 8 to 1.

Column Bet: A single bet covering twelve numbers. This bet wins for two balls landing on the winning number. The payout for a column bet is 8 to 1.

Double Ball Jackpot: This is a special wager on a single number, where you win if both balls settle on the number you select. This bet offers a massive payout rate of 1200 to 1.

Additional Special Bets

As mentioned earlier, some roulette variations come with special betting options. The call bets can be in American or European roulette games. It is essential to understand that these bets cover specific numbers on the roulette wheel and not a section. The different types of call bets you can make in double ball roulette are:

Neighbour Bet: This bet requires a minimum of 5 chips and has a payoff of 18 to 1.

Voisins du Zero: This bet has a payoff of 8 to 1.

Tier du Cylindre: This bet has a payoff of 8 to 1.

Orphelin Bet: This bet has a payoff of 17 to 1 or 8 to 1.

House Edge in Double Ball Roulette

The house edge of a standard roulette game is always unchanged, regardless of the strategy you apply. In European roulette, the casino enjoys an advantage of 2.70% because it has a single zero-wheel. On the other hand, the American roulette version has a house advantage of 5.26% because of the double zeros on the wheel. It is essential to know that different bets have varying house edge percentages in double ball roulette.

The following are the types of bets and their house edge percentages:

Outside Bets - A bet is made on 18 numbers and has a house edge of 10.25%

Inside Bets - A bet is made on 12 numbers, and has a house edge of 10.25%

Double Jackpot Bet - It has a house edge of 16.83%

Although the house advantage of inside bets is better, it varies depending on the selected numbers on the wheel. Let's look at an example with a double zero wheel:

  • Single number bet - 5.33%
  • 2 Number bet - 5.54%
  • 3 Number bet - 5.89%
  • 4 Number bet - 16.9%
  • 5 Number bet - 9.63%
  • 6 Number bet - 7.76%

Common Double Ball Roulette Variations

There are a few variations of double ball roulette you will find at gambling venues. The first type is Double Action Roulette, which is similar to the standard double ball roulette by Evolution. The only difference is that the roulette wheel has two sets of similar numbers, and two winning numbers are created per spin.

Additionally, you will find the live dealer version that is played on live casino sites. The live casino double ball roulette game offers the same thrilling experience as when you play in land-based venues.

Lastly, there is a progressive version of the double-ball roulette game. What makes this variant stand out is the huge potential returns per spin. These games have progressive jackpots that increase whenever you place a real money bet.

Tips and Strategies for Winning Double Ball Roulette

As a pure game of chance, you cannot employ a strategy to reduce the house edge in your favor in a roulette game. But you can follow tips and strategies from experts to maximize your chances of winning.

  1. Choose the best bets with bigger returns.
  2. Take advantage of casino bonus money and promotions.
  3. Play double ball roulette in free mode.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the game rules.
  5. Learn bankroll management skills.

Pros and Cons of Double Ball Roulette

Like other roulette games, the double ball version has some advantages and disadvantages to players. They include:


Unique gameplay from the classic games.

A good game for number betting.

Has double chances of winning.

Massive payout with the double ball jackpot.

Varying house edge figures depending on bets.


Limited to Evolution Gaming casinos only.

The Bottom Line

Double ball roulette is a game you should definitely pay attention to. When you play it, you'll realize that it has better odds of winning than a standard roulette game. Another fantastic thing about this game is that you don't have to worry about learning new rules to play. The objective is the same, though the payouts may vary depending on the bets. Ensure the online casino you choose is licensed and secure whether you plan to play for fun or real money.

Double Ball Roulette FAQs

These are the common questions asked by new customers about double-ball roulette:

What types of bets are available in double ball roulette?

There are different bets you can play in double ball roulette, including inside, outside, and call bets.

Can I play double-ball roulette on my mobile device?

Yes. You can play this variant of roulette instantly on your smartphone or tablet. You can play the standard RNG variant or play at live casino sites.

Can both balls settle on the same number?

Yes. Both balls can land on the same number in double-ball roulette. In this case, you win the jackpot payout of 1300 to 1.
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Roulette Street Bet

Many variations of roulette are available in US online casinos. Roulette attracts many punters with its straightforward rules and immersive gameplay. While these games follow the same rules, the types of bets may vary from one version to another.

A street bet is quite common in European roulette. It is an additional wager that covers one or more rows of consecutive numbers. Street bets are placed on the betting layout, on the inside bets area.

This article provides everything you should know about street bets in online roulette games. We've covered the difference between street bets and straight-up betting, the payout odds, and reasons why many roulette players prefer these wagers.

What is a Street Bet in Roulette?

A street bet, also known as a line bet, is available in roulette games. It is an inside bet placed on a row of three consecutive numbers on the layout. The good thing with the street bet is it offers payouts odd of 11 to 1. This makes this wager less risky than a straight-up bet. They are called inside bets because you place betting chips on the inside area of the roulette table.

Online Roulette Street Bet Numbers and Chip Placement

The first thing you must understand when placing a street bet is that it has 12 options. They comprise 12 rows of three number betting system. The numbers in these roulette bets can be 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36; 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, 26, 29, 32, 35; and 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31, 34.

However, if you wish the bet to include numbers 22-23-24, you can choose to place one or more chips on the line at the end of the number 22. The number is below the three consecutive figures. Also, you can place a chip on the end of number 4, where the street bet on that line will include numbers 5 and 6.

Furthermore, placing a chip on a street bet is pretty simple. The first thing is to click on the street bet area, and the game will position your chips. The game should have the option to delete the previous bet if you make a mistake. Half of the chips you place will show up outside of the outer layout and the other half on the inside part of the numbered grid.

Nevertheless, you must understand that there are variations in how the betting chip is placed in street betting systems. It depends on the roulette table layout. If the green zero pockets in marked on the left or right side, the street bets can be made on the outside grid line, on the end of a lower or higher number of three consecutive street bets.

The thumb rule is that you place bets on the player's side and not the dealer's side on the roulette table. However, the design of some casino roulette games, like the American roulette table, varies from the French roulette game.

Win Probability and House Edge in Street Bet

The probability of winning varies depending on the bets you are playing. For example, if you are playing a European roulette wheel, you have 3 to 37 or 8.1% chances of winning bets. While the American wheel offers a 3 to 38 or 7.9% chance of winning from each spin. Clearly, American Roulette has a higher house advantage than any other roulette casino game.

The good thing is that you can cover more numbers but avoid going up to a six-line bet by covering 4 with the finale en Plein wagers.

In addition, the house edge in street bets is too different from what you find in other standard roulette games. If your choice is an American game, you will play with a house edge of 5.26%, but the European wheel features an edge of 2.63% because of the single zero layouts.

Other Types of Roulette Bets

As mentioned earlier, street bets belong to the category of inside roulette bets. This implies that you place the bet on the inner part of the table layout. Besides the street bet, here are different combination bets you will find when playing roulette online games:

Straight-Up Bet: Straight bet is when you place a single number bet. The winning payout for this bet is 35 to1. Even though it is a simple bet, the chances of winning are lower, but the returns are big.

Below are popular types of roulette betting options. They include popular inside and outside bets you place on roulette games.

  • Split Bet: This is a straight-up double bet as it covers two adjacent numbers in between two numbers. The payout odds for this bet is 17 to 1.
  • Corner Bet: A corner bet has many similarities with a street bet. The only exception is that you are betting four chips at once instead of the usual three-number bet.
  • Line Bets: A line bet features two rows with three numbers each. You place the betting chip at the end of two rows containing three numbers each. The payout for a line bet is 5 to 1.
  • Double Street Bet: A double street is a low-risk strategy since you bet with six chips in each round. The chips can cover up to 17 roulette numbers. As the name suggests, you must make six chips each round, and the chips cover 17 numbers on the roulette table layout. The good thing about the bet size is that it depends on the bankroll size.
  • Call Bets: Call bets are unique as they require you to match or raise a wager. With call bets, a betting round ends when all the active players stake the same amount of money. Call bets are sometimes announced bets, and they don't use any chips on the roulette table.
  • Other Types of Roulette Bets: The different bets you can play in roulette games are basket bets and single bets.

The Bottom Line

Conclusively, the street bet is a simple wage to understand in roulette games. You will find many online casinos in the US with popular versions of roulette. As you are aware, the gameplay might be different, but the rules and objectives of roulette are the same.

When choosing the best roulette online casinos, make sure it is licensed and regulated by recognized authorities like the Malta Gaming Authority and the Gambling Commission. Also, the casino site must use advanced security systems like SSL to encrypt all the information that you share. Always remember to gamble responsibly.

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Roulette Corner Bet Strategy

The beauty of roulette games is that they can be played by beginners and expert punters. The games are loved by many players for their simple rules, immersive gameplay, and big potential returns. One of the advantages of this game is that you can choose from different bets.

Many recreational gamers opt for outside bets that offer a 50% chance of winning. Experienced and veteran players choose inside bets because the payouts are relatively bigger. Like other inside bets, you can use a corner bet strategy on all versions, including European roulette, American roulette, and French roulette.

We've provided everything you need to know about roulette corner bets, including how they work, the house edge, winning probability, and much more.

What is a Roulette Corner Bet?

A corner or square bet belongs to the inside bet category in roulette games. It is a straightforward wager for new players and veterans. As the name suggests, this bet is made on four numbers on the roulette table.

A corner bet offers a payout of 8 to 1 and a 1.9.25 chance of winning. You place the betting chips at the corner of four numbers. Even though the numbers in roulette are not listed in their order, they do follow a progressive pattern.

The unique thing about corner bets is that any connected numbers qualify. You don't have to place the betting chips on the edge of the betting layout. This is why this wager also goes by the name quad bet or square bet. The advantage of corner bets is that they have multiple betting options. You can learn how to play roulette corner bet strategy at reputable online casinos.

Popular Roulette Betting Strategies

There are many betting systems you can use, regardless you are a low-stake or high-roller player. Many new players start by betting on a single roulette corner and raising the stake if the initial bet is lost.

Let's look at some of the best roulette corner strategies you can use:

Five Quad Bet Strategy: With the five-quad bet strategy, you can cover up to 21 numbers. But if the straight bet is covered by the quad bets, there will be a total of 21 numbers. You get eight chips and lose four if the quad bets win, and you get 35 chips and lose 5 for the straight bets.

Complete Bet Strategy: This roulette strategy requires you to play all possible inside bets on an individual number, including the square or corner bet. This strategy delivers winnings with a higher frequency than standard systems.

Number Bet Strategy: A number bet strategy wins the maximum payout if the ball lands on a specific number. This progression wager is suitable for people looking for bigger payouts. This can be a four-number bet on an online roulette game.

Double Street Quad Strategy: This is one of the best strategies in roulette games. Players place two double street bets, one corner bet, and a single straight bet. This strategy covers 17 numbers on the roulette betting table and has a payout of 5 to 1.

House Edge and Odds of Winning Corner Bets

The advantage of playing roulette corner bet is it has a big potential profit. Although the volatility in this game is enhanced, you can take advantage of a welcome bonus roulette offer to play the inside bets.

In addition, the winning odds in corner bets are around 10.8%, and an average payout of 8 to 1 for European roulette. The house edge in American roulette is 5.26%, which is higher than other versions.

Note that a corner bet is effective in European and French roulette games because of the lower house edge of 2.63%.

7 Corners Roulette Strategy - What is it?

Experienced gamers like trying out different corner bet strategies to maximize the chances of winning roulette. However, such systems require proper bankroll management to profit. Seven Corner is an excellent example of such a betting system.

The initial stake in this wager is worth several units. This strategy leaves players with 10 uncovered numbers, which are 6, 9, 10, 13, 18, 21, 22, 25, 30, and 34. The betting chips are placed in the following positions on the table:

  • 1 unit on the 0, 1, 2, and 3 corner
  • 1 unit on the 4, 5, 7, and 8 corner
  • 1 unit on the 11, 12, 14, and 15 corner
  • 1 unit on the 16, 17, 19, and 20 corner
  • 1 unit on the 23, 24, 26, and 27 corner
  • 1 unit on the 28, 29, 31, and 32 corner
  • 1 unit on the 32, 33, 35, and 36 corner

How to Play Roulette Corner Bet - A Step-by-Step Guide

As mentioned, you don't have to be an expert roulette player to understand how the corner bet works. We've shared five simple steps to get you started:

  • Step 1: Pick your preferred roulette game - European or American version.
  • Step 2: Select the betting chips you can afford.
  • Step 3: Place the betting chips at the meeting point of four numbers on the table.
  • Step 4: Add more corner bets to increase the odds of winning.
  • Step 5: Wait until the ball lands before you collect your winnings.

Pros and Cons of Roulette Corner Bets

There is no perfect roulette strategy. We have listed the strengths and weaknesses of using these roulette strategies.


  • Straightforward for new players to learn.
  • In-game corner bets are available in live casino games.
  • Relatively low house edge.
  • Effective on European and French roulette variants.


  • Corner bets are highly volatile.
  • Lower odds of winning.

The Bottom Line

Although roulette is a negative expectation game, it is still loved by all people. The rules are simple to learn, and you can easily hit big winnings. With basic roulette strategies like the corner bet, you get to enjoy high potential profits.

The advantage is that you can use this strategy independently or include it in other betting systems to maximize your odds of winning. Additionally, we recommend you get a reputable and licensed online casino to test corner bet strategy on different roulette games.

Roulette Corner Bet FAQs

How much does a 4 corner bet pay in roulette?

The corner bet has a payout rate of 8 to 1, making it one of the most profitable strategies in roulette.

What is under 12.5 corners?

This term refers to betting up to 12 corners or less than 13 corners. It is common in football and roulette bets.

How can I win a roulette corner bet?

A roulette corner bet pays if the number lands on one of the four numbers you picked.

What is the best strategy in roulette?

There is no best strategy that guarantees winnings in roulette. But using the corner bet strategy has proven to increase the odds of winning.
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Roulette Split Bet Strategy

Roulette is a popular game of luck you can hardly miss in an online or land-based casino. The simple rules make this traditional table game loved by many people.

The good thing is that you don't need skills or an optimal strategy to play roulette and win. Another advantage is that roulette has many types of bets, which are grouped into outside bets and inside bets.

This article will focus on the roulette split bet strategy. We'll discuss how it works, the win probability, the house edge, and much more.

What is a Split Bet Strategy?

The roulette split bet strategy is an inside bet made on two numbers next to each other on the roulette wheel. This wager derives its name from the fact that the chips are placed on the inside area of the betting table. The player decides whether the numbers will be adjacent, for example, 22 and 23 or 16 and 19. In French roulette tables, this bet is known as the Cheval bet.

The odds of winning split bets vary depending on the variant you are playing. The European roulette game has a payoff of 18:5:1, and the American roulette wheel pays 19:1. Split bets are made by placing chips on the line between two numbers. The numbers you choose must be adjacent on the table to enable you to make the split bet.

Roulette Split Bet Variations

Split bet strategy has different varieties you will find as you play at online casinos. The variations can be played with low and high stakes. Though these strategies are enticing, they cannot change the house edge or alter the payouts.

Here are the different varieties of splits bets or call bets you can play:

  • Voisin's du Zero: This roulette bet has four possible wagers, including the neighbors of zero. The numbers fall between 22 and 25 on the roulette wheel, and they include 22, 18, 29, 7, 28, 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, 15, 19, 4, 21, 2, 25. The betting chips are placed as 2 on 0, 2, 3; 2 on the corner bet 25/26/28/29 and 1 chip each on the splits: 32/35, 4/7, 12/15, 18/21, and 19/22.
  • Orphelins: This wager involves eight numbers, including 17, 34, 6, 1, 20, 14, 31, and 9. The pairs to bet on in this variety are 6/9, 14/17, 17/20, and 31/34. This means that one chip is placed on each split and the other chip on the straight-up bets. 
  • Tier du Cylindre: This wager plays perfectly when using a betting system like James Bond that involves a long series of numbers. The tier du cylinder consists of a pair of six numbers, and one chip is placed per split. The available splits in this bet are 5/8, 10/11; 13/16; 23/24; 27/30; 33/36.
  • Jeu Du Zero: This is an interesting slit bet strategy involving seven numbers, 0, 3, 12, 15, 26, 32, and 35. The betting chips are placed on 0/3, 12/15, and 32/35. However, a straight-up bet is placed on number 26.

House Edge and Payouts in Roulette Split Bet

As mentioned earlier, the rules of playing roulette are the same, whether it is European, American, or French roulette. The advantage of this is that you can apply the same strategies to all games. The difference is that the American roulette game has a higher house edge because the wheel has double zeros.

When you place a split bet on the American wheel, the house advantage is 5.41% because of the two zero boxes. The European and French roulette wheels have an edge of 5.26%.

Best Roulette Strategies for Split Bets

If you are going for roulette split bets, you will come across the following betting strategies. Nevertheless, you must understand that a roulette betting strategy doesn't guarantee that you will win every spin.

  • Kavouras Strategy: This is a complex betting system in roulette games. It requires players to bet one unit on 5 split bets, one on a corner bet, and two units on the double street bet. The probability of winning is higher as you bet on 20 numbers. The payout depends on where the ball lands.
  • Red/Black Split Strategy: This roulette strategy bet combines all the available splits on the same color. It can cover a total of 10 numbers, meaning you get 5 split bets and a 27% chance of winning. This strategy wins more frequently in roulette.
  • Martingale Strategy: The Martingale system works by multiplying your stake after losing streaks. For instance, if you place even money bets and keep raising your stake, you eventually recover the lost bets.
  • Cover the Table Strategy: This roulette strategy is suitable for players who are ready to risk big. The odds of winning are equally high since you are betting on 17 splits. With the greatly reduced variance, players get a 50% chance of winning.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Roulette Split Bets

Like other types of roulette betting strategies, the split bet has advantages and disadvantages. Here are the pros and cons we highlighted about this roulette strategy:


  • Easy to learn rules and simple gameplay.
  • High chances of big payouts.
  • Numerous split bets are available for players.
  • Works for all types of roulette games.


  • Split bets are highly volatile.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced roulette player, you will find the split bet strategy easy to learn. Also, it is one of the most profitable betting strategies you can use in roulette. You should understand that this is just one type of inside bet category. You will find other bets with different rules and payouts.

Regardless of the different strategies, roulette games maintain the same house edge. Ensure you learn how this strategy works on each roulette wheel before you play. Also, choose an online casino that is fully licensed and regulated when playing roulette games.

Roulette Split Bet FAQs

How many splits are in a standard roulette game?

A roulette game has a total of 24 split bets; you place bets horizontally between two numbers and 33 split bets when you place chips vertically between two numbers.

What is the payout for a split bet in roulette?

Splits bets have a payout rate of 17 to 1, with the odds of winning set at 5.3% on an American wheel and 5.4% on European roulette.

Is it safe to use a split bet in online roulette?

Although there is no guaranteed strategy to help you to win roulette, using split bets increases your potential for big payouts.

Does split bet work on all roulette games?

Yes, Split bets work on European, American, and French roulette games.
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