Best Numbers In Roulette

Wondering what the best numbers in roulette are? Don't worry; we've got your back. This detailed article covers all the best roulette numbers and other helpful information.

Roulette is a classic table game that is loved by millions of people across the world. You can find different versions of roulette tables at leading online casinos and brick and mortar gaming venues. Many players choose roulette over other games because of the simple gameplay. Though roulette is a game of chance, people have devised betting strategies and tricks to increase the chances of winning. Among the most common techniques people employ is betting on hot or cold numbers in roulette. New and expert roulette players are constantly on the lookout for the best numbers to play. The fact is that unless you've mastered how to control the roulette wheel, you'll have a hard time knowing what number hits more frequently in the game. The good news is we have an idea of the best roulette numbers and guide you in the right direction. Carry on reading to learn more before you start playing.

How to Play Roulette Online

Roulette is a game with straightforward gameplay. The rules of playing this table game are simple and pretty easy to understand. A standard roulette table features a small wheel with numbered red and black boxes. To start, a dealer spins the wheel in one direction and toss a small ball in the opposite direction. Players then wager on the number or color where the ball will settle.

Additionally, bets can be placed on adjacent numbers or odd/even numbers. However, you should understand that there are many versions of roulette games, but the most popular versions are European roulette, American roulette, and French roulette. Therefore, there might be slight differences, but the game's objective is the same.

Unlike blackjack, a skill-based game, roulette is a pure game of chance. The best thing about this game is you can use different strategies and betting systems to earn more significant profits in the long run.

How the RNG Software Work in Roulette Tables

Before getting deeper into understanding the best numbers in roulette, it's essential to know the purpose of the RNG software. All online roulette games, with the exception of live dealer games, rely on Random Number Generator (RNG) software to determine payouts. The RNG software utilizes unique algorithms to generate long sequences of random results. Values ranging between 0 and 4 billion are automatically generated per millisecond. These values are translated into a set of numbers that correspond to the roulette wheel. For instance, the RNG should generate only one integer between 0 and 36 to determine the outcome of a spin in a European roulette game. Online casinos partner with third party agencies like eCOGRA, TST, and GLI, which test and audit RNG regularly. While this software ensures fairness of game outcomes, you'll realize that some numbers in the roulette table show up more often than others. This takes us to our main topic of the best roulette numbers.

Most Common Numbers in Roulette

There are two main groups of numbers in a roulette casino game. These are hot and cold numbers. Betting on these numbers started when players realized that some numbers hit more regularly than others in a standard roulette game. Also, players can bet adjustment numbers in roulette. As the name suggests, these numbers are adjacent to hot and cold numbers, and they are used to form the best roulette bet combinations. Let's look at the most common roulette numbers and how to use them to your advantage.

Roulette Hot Numbers

Regardless of version, you will learn that specific numbers tend to appear more often than others as you play roulette. These numbers are what is referred to as hot numbers. Today, some software providers indicate the hot number on the roulette tables. This makes it easy for players to keep track of their gameplay statistics and gives them tips on the numbers that have been called more often within a specific timeframe. Logically, these figures have a high chance of hitting in the next spin. For instance, if a number is called 50 or more times for 500 spins, it is considered a hot number. Nevertheless, keep in mind that there is no guarantee a number will hit again just because it appeared twice in the previous spins. Many people believe that betting on these numbers will increase your chances of winning bigger payouts:

  • Number 17: This number is considered the luckiest number in any roulette game. The number 17 is located on the middle part of the wheel, making it the best spot as the chances of the ball settling in the middle are higher.
  • Number 7: Seven is another lucky number in roulette. Over the years, many people have won big payouts betting on number 7.
  • Numbers 23 and 24: Roulette numbers 23 and 24 are also considered favorite numbers for the ball to land on.

Please note that hot numbers apply, regardless if you are playing at online or land-based casinos or the version of roulette you are playing.

Roulette Cold Numbers

Roulette numbers that are rarely called are known as cold numbers. Some players opt for these numbers because they believe they may be called at any time. Since the game outcomes are determined by a Random Number Generator, hot numbers are more likely to stop leaving a chance to wager on cold numbers. This explains why some players are obsessed with cold numbers. If you keep track of all the winning numbers, you will soon figure out the numbers that have not hit for a long time. The standard method used to determine cold and hot numbers is counting the first 30 to 40 spins. The truth of the matter is that you cannot tell with certainty the number that will hit in the next spin. These are the cold numbers in a roulette table game:

  • Number 13: Thirteen is one of the most unpopular roulette numbers because of its unparalleled position on the wheel.
  • Number 6: Number 6 is another figure that is less likely to be called in a roulette game. No wonder ardent players avoid betting on it.
  • Number 34 and 35: These numbers are considered cold because they hardly win. Their position on the roulette wheel makes them unfavorable.

Nevertheless, it is recommended to use a cold number when you are experiencing a losing streak with the hot numbers. Otherwise, you should always try your luck with the hot numbers.

Adjacent Numbers in Roulette

If neither the hot nor cold numbers are working in your favor, you can try your luck on adjacent numbers in roulette. These figures can be found adjacent to hot and cold numbers on the wheel, and they vary in type. The best time to opt for these numbers is when you are unsure which one will appear first. This way, you boost your chances of winning on one of the numbers. Even more appealing is that some roulette variants come with special bets which combine several numbers. The following are the adjacent numbers you can bet on in roulette:

Neighbor Bets: In this case, you are betting on one number and other adjacent numbers. For instance, you can place your chips on numbers 5 and also on 17, 23, 22, and 34. This way, you get to cover a bigger section on the roulette wheel than when you stick to only one number.

Voisin Du Zero Bets: Another popular option is betting on Voisin du zero or the neighbors of zero. This bet has a high chance of winning since the zero is located in the middle section of the wheel. This adjacent bet features numbers 22, 18, 29, 7, 28, 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, 15, 19, 4, 21, 2, and 25. The easiest way to cover all the 17 numbers is by placing 2 chips on 0, 2, and 3; 1 chip on 4/7 split, the 3rd chip on 12 and 15; the 4th chip on 1/21; and the 5th chip on 19/22 split. Additionally, 2 more chips are placed in the corner covering numbers 25, 26, 28, and 29; and the final 9 chips are placed on 32 and 32.

Orpheline Bets: Orpheline or orphan bets are another great way to increase your chances of winning in roulette. These numbers are referred to as 'orphans' because the numbers they cover are separated. An orphan bet covers around eight numbers. The first three numbers (6, 34, and 17) are adjacent to one section on the roulette wheel, and the remaining five numbers consist of 1, 20, 14, 31, and red 9. Players can spend one roulette chip on a straight bet on number 1. In addition, you can play four split bets in the following order: 5/9, 14/17, 17/20, and 31/34.

Tie Bet or Tiers du Cylindre Bet: Another common alternative is the tier bet. The name of this bet, 'thirds of the wheel,' describes the numbers that it covers. The tier bet covers a total of 12 numbers; 13, 16, 24, 5, 10, 23, 8, 30, 11, 36, 13, and 27. These bets can be split into six splits as follows: 5/8, 10/11, 13/16, 24/23, 33/36, and 27/30. There is a 32% chance of one split winning and a payout of 17 to 1.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Roulette

As aforesaid, you must never forget that roulette is a pure game of chance, and the outcomes are purely determined by Random Number Generator (RNG) software. Additionally, you should not forget that the chances of winning and losing in roulette are equal. Even lucky players get a straight bet to receive payouts of 35 to 1.

The most common mistake made by most roulette players is using betting systems that encourage them to raise bets whenever they lose. Though this strategy promised huge payouts, the winnings are not guaranteed.

Another common mistake is that if you stick to one number, it will eventually appear. Many roulette players believe in following their lucky numbers, but the truth is that these numbers don't always guarantee wins.

Last but not least, some players combine these two mistakes by betting on one number continuously while increasing their stake. This is a shortcut to depleting your bankroll within a short time.


Conclusively, one fact to keep in mind is that there are no losing or winning numbers in roulette. All numbers have an equal value of winning or losing. Remember, the chances of losing and winning will always remain the same in roulette. The best strategy to winning is sticking to your system at all times. As with other luck-based games, roulette is easy and fun to play.

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