Best Bet in Roulette

The unique and appealing thing about roulette is the wide range of betting options it has. Discover the best bet in Roulette and how they work in different variants.

Roulette is an exciting casino game to watch and play. At casinos, some players throw chips on random numbers while others follow a system to reduce losses. Though both players enjoy their time, the one with a strategy is more cautious about the outcome than the random player. Roulette games have different types of bets to choose from. These wagers are in two main categories - the inside bets and outside bets. Some variants like European roulette and French roulette have additional stakes known as neighbor bets. By reading our complete guide, you'll get a better understanding of the best bets in roulette and how they work in different scenarios.

Most Popular Bets in Roulette

Many roulette players take time to understand the basic mechanics of the game and forget about bets. Roulette is not all about guessing where the ball will land. It comprises different bets that offer varying payout odds and advantages. Nevertheless, it's easy to understand how these bets work in any roulette game. The most popular wagers are:

Inside Bets

The inside bets in roulette are placed on single numbers or small groups of numbers. These bets are the same in European roulette and American roulette games. They include:

  • Straight Up Bets: This bet is made on a single number on the roulette table, and it offers payout odds of 35 to 1.
  • Split Bet: This bet is made on two adjacent numbers on the roulette table, and it offers a payout of 17 to 1.
  • Street Bet: This bet is made on three adjacent numbers on a roulette table, and it offers a payout of 11 to 1.
  • Corner Bet: This bet is made on four adjacent numbers on a roulette table, and it offers a payout of 8 to 1.
  • Six Line Bet: This bet is made on two streets simultaneously for a total of six numbers.

Outside Bets

Outside bets in roulette are made on large groups of numbers, and they often how lower payouts than the inside bets. These wagers are suitable for beginners and low stake players. They include:

  • Red or Black Bet: This bet depends on whether the ball will land in the red or black box on the table layout.
  • Odd or Even Bet: This bet is made on the number coming up odd or even. However, you lose the bet if a zero shows up.
  • High or Low Bet: This bet is made on the low numbers (1-18) or high numbers (19-36). The bet expires if zero appears.
  • Dozens Bet: This bet is made on numbers 1-12, 13-24, and 25 to 36. However, you lose the bet if a zero appears.
  • Column Bet: This bet is made on the number within one of the three columns of twelve numbers. The payout odds for the wager is 2 to 1.

Called Bets

Before you start betting on roulette, you must understand that the zeros on the wheel are neither odd nor even red or black. Nevertheless, call bets only apply in European roulette and French roulette. They include:

  • Voisin du Zero: This bet is made on numbers closest to 0 on a European roulette game and numbers between 22 and 25. Players require a minimum of 9 chips that are placed on different numbers.
  • Jeu Zero: This bet is made on numbers closest to zero, including 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, and 15. This wager requires four chips, where three chips are placed on splits (0/3, 12/15, 32/35) and one chip on straight-up bet 26.
  • Tier du Cylindre: This bet is made on the thirds of the wheel. It involves the 12 numbers on the opposite side of the roulette wheel.
  • Orphelins: This bet is made on two sides of the wheel outside the Tiers and Voisin's wagers. It covers numbers 17, 34, 6, 1, 20, 14, 31, and 9.

Top 3 Recommended Bets in Roulette

By now, you are eager to know the best roulette bets to help you increase your winning odds. Different roulette scenarios may require you to employ varying wagers. There are three main wagers that every player should be aware of. These are:

Even Money Bet

Even money outside bets is with no doubt the most popular wagers in a roulette game. They are beginner-friendly bets with 50/50 chances of winning. The most common even money bets are red or black, even or odd, and high or low. They are considered the best roulette bets because they cover a wide range of numbers. Note that the zeros on the roulette wheel are the casino's edge on even money bets.

However, the house edge varies among the roulette variants. The European roulette with a single zero has an advantage of 2.6% and a 47.4% chance of winning on an even money bet. American roulette with a single zero and double zero has an edge of 5.25% and a 44.8% chance of winning on an even money bet.

Dozens Bets

Many players consider dozens bet to be the best because it covers a wide field on the roulette table layout. The wager covers the outside bets on 12 numbers and offers a payout of 2 to 1. The dozen bets are divided into three categories - Low Dozens (1 to 12), Middle Dozen (13 to 24), and High Dozen (25 to 36). As with other bets, the zero pocket(s) act as the casino's edge in the game.

Combination Bets

The good thing about combination betting is you choose the pattern to follow. The numerous bet options in roulette leave room for players to create combinations. However, not all bet combinations are perfect. Players can combine dozens and column bets or straight bets with even-money wagers. Combo bets are fun to play, and they enable players to be flexible on a range of wagers.

Roulette Tips for Choosing the Best Bet

The overwhelming number of bets in roulette is not enough; you also need to be knowledgeable about each wager. Additionally, you must be able to identify a reputable and safe online casino to play roulette. Here are some key points to focus on when choosing the best bets in roulette:

  • Consider Outside Bets
  • As you are aware, roulette has inside and outside bets. Expert players recommend the latter because they have better odds of winning than the inside wagers. However, you must understand that the payouts are small in outside bets as most of them have odds of 1:1 or 1:2.
  • Bankroll Management
  • Money management is a basic skill every roulette player must learn. A good player must have a budget and a plan for spending it. This skill will help you determine whether you are profiting or losing from your betting.
  • Play European Roulette
  • European roulette is the top-recommended game because it has an average house edge of 2.6%. This edge gives you the best odds of recovering your losses with a good roulette strategy. The best roulette odds are in the European and American games. Unlike American roulette, where the casino has an advantage of 5.25%.
  • Choose a Reputable Casino
  • There are numerous online casinos that offer different games of roulette. It is essential to ensure that the site you choose is fully licensed and regulated, safe, and trustworthy. Also, you should be able to play online roulette in free mode and real money.

The Best Roulette Betting Systems

Roulette is a game of chance, but you can use different strategies to improve your chances of winning. The best roulette strategies allow you to start with small bet amounts before advancing to playing with big bets. Below are the top recommended roulette systems for newbies and experienced players:

Martingale System

The Martingale strategy is the easiest system to use in playing roulette. Being a progressive betting system, it requires you to wager the same amount until you lose. When this happens, you must double the wager of your next spin.

Fibonacci System

Most online roulette players consider Fibonacci a safe betting system as it is based on a mathematical sequence. The good thing about this strategy is that it's not complex as it appears. Moreover, it can grant good profits if it is used accordingly.

D'Alembert System

Many expert roulette players employ the D'Alembert system to increase winning opportunities and boost their bankroll. This system has many things in common with the Martingale system. However, D'Alembert is not aggressive as it has a more adjustable betting curve.


Overall, there is no specific roulette bet you can rely on for massive wins. As aforesaid, roulette has numerous bets with varying payouts odds. Moreover, these bets work differently depending on the roulette variant and the strategy that is in use. Outside even bets are considered the best by many play because they are simple and have a maximum loss of 50%. We recommend practicing roulette free at top online casinos before betting with real money.

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