666 Roulette Strategy

Roulette is an interesting casino game for players of all experiences. The interesting thing about this game of chance is that the numbers on the roulette wheel add up to 666. This is why many people refer to roulette as the game of the devil. It is from this fact that the 666 roulette strategy was born. This betting system can be quite profitable if it is used correctly. More interesting is that this betting system is designed to work on any roulette wheel. This article explains how the 666 roulette strategy work, the advantages and limits of using it, and more helpful information.

What is the 666 Roulette Strategy?

The 666 strategy is one of the simplest and most effective roulette strategies. The strategy derives its name from the sum of numbers, and it requires players to cover as many numbers as possible with varying wagers. Additionally, the rules of using this betting strategy may also vary depending on the online casino you are playing in.

The most common way to apply this strategy is by placing bets on red or black numbers and covering all numbers except the four digits. While this strategy can be profitable, it is recommended to start with small stakes before advancing to bigger amounts.

How Does the 666 Roulette Strategy Work?

Like many popular roulette betting strategies, the 666 system works for beginners and experienced players. The rules are pretty simple, and you can learn and start using them right away in your preferred roulette games.

Basically, this roulette strategy has only four losing numbers if it is used correctly. As you know, a standard roulette wheel has a total of 36 divisions, single or double zero boxes. With this system, you need to $66 to wager in such a way that it leaves you with only four losing numbers on the roulette table. The important thing is to factor in the value and the betting units that we have highlighted below:

The bets are placed as follows:

At the very beginning, you place a bet worth $36 on the Red box. Then you split the bet into $4 each on the following roulette numbers:

  • 0 and 2
  • 8 and 11
  • 10 and 13
  • 17 and 20
  • 26 and 29
  • 28 and 31

Keep in mind that the bet is not made on the numbers but on the line or border between them. This is then followed by an inside bet worth $24. This must be a straight-up bet with a payout of 35 to 1. You are presented with seven numbers (4, 6, 15, 22, 24, 33, & 35) to choose from, and you are required to pick only 3 numbers. A $2 bet is then made on the three numbers. In this case, we only remain with four numbers without bets.

The Pros and Cons of 666 Roulette Betting System

These are the strengths and weaknesses of using the 666 roulette strategy:


  • The first thing we love about this roulette strategy is that you can use it to increase your payouts in different variations, including European roulette, American roulette, and French roulette.
  • The 666 roulette strategy has bigger returns than other popular betting systems like the Martingale.
  • The high volatility in the 666 roulette strategy makes extremely beginner friendly. Also, the rules are pretty simple to master.


  • One of the greatest drawbacks of the 666 strategy is that it only pays off to an extent only. This is because you can only gain more than what you are spending when on a winning streak.
  • Additionally, this betting system requires players with patience and a sizeable bankroll for it to work.

Is it Legal to Use the 666 Roulette Strategy in the US?

Of course, it is legal to use the Devil's strategy at online casinos in the US. The most important thing is to understand that this system does not guarantee you will win. It is only designed to help players to maximize their winning opportunities.

Nevertheless, we highly recommend that you test this betting strategy with demo games before you use it on real money casino games. Therefore, feel free to employ the 666 strategy whether playing roulette online or in brick-and-mortar casinos.

The Bottom Line

The 666 roulette strategy is the best way to reduce the losses by spreading the risk accordingly. It is an ideal system for beginners since players don't need to have a big bankroll to play. Additionally, this strategy can be advantageous to players if it is combined with progressive rates. Before you employ this strategy, make sure the selected online casino is fully licensed and regulated by recognized authorities. Overall, the 666 strategy is suitable for all roulette players.

666 Strategy FAQs

Is it worth using the 666 roulette strategy?

The 666 roulette strategy is worth using as it has big returns in the long run. However, you must have a big bankroll to benefit from this strategy.

Can I use the 666 strategy to play other types of casino games?

Unfortunately, you can't use the 666 strategy on other games that are not roulette. This is because the system is based on the numbers on the roulette wheel.

Why is this strategy called the Devil's system?

This betting system is called the Devil's strategy because it covers all the roulette numbers. These numbers add up to 666 when combined together.

Does the 666 strategy guarantee a win?

There is no roulette strategy that guarantees 100% wins. The good thing is that it helps players to minimize losses.

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