1326 Roulette System

The suspense of waiting for the ball to land and the thrilling experience of roulette is what makes it a lovable table game. More interesting is that players can use different betting systems to optimize the chances of enjoying a long winning streak.

1326 roulette system is a reliable method used by new and experienced roulette players. As a positive progression system, it works by increasing your winnings. What differentiates it from the Paroli system is that the 1326 strategy boosts your winnings over a four-number winning streak.

Nevertheless, you must understand that the 1326 system isn't a guarantee that you are going to win all the time. So, if you find the 1326 system interesting, we've got your back. This guide covers everything you need to know before using this gambling system on your favorite roulette tables.

What is the 1326 Roulette Strategy?

The 1326 strategy is a positive progression system you can use for playing even money bets in roulette. The strategy is easy to follow as all you have to do is raise your stake with every win and return to the base bet when you lose.

The good thing about the betting system is that it offers small but consistent wins that increase when you win consecutive bets. Unlike other betting systems, the 1326 strategy has small losses because you don't have a big bankroll.

How Does the 1326 System Work in Roulette?

The 1326 strategy is designed to work with betting units. You start with playing 1 betting unit, 3 units, 2 units, and lastly, 6 units. The system requires you to increase your wager based on the sequence and return to the original bet when you lose.

As mentioned earlier, the 1326 system works on even money wagers like even/odd, red/black, and high/low. This makes it easy for all players to use.

Before you use this system, you must determine your ante bet first. It is advisable to begin with small stakes to maximize your profits. For instance, if your first bet is $10, the first round of betting with this system will be $10, $30, $20, and $60, respectively.

If you are lucky to win each wager, you follow the progression and add 1 in the first round, 3 in the second round, 2 in the third round, and 6 in the fourth bet. As you can see, you must increase your betting unit 6 times in the last round.

However, if you lose in any round, you must go back to the initial bet. 

While the 1326 system works like other positive progressions, it demands you nudge down after the second win.

To help you to understand how the 1326 system works, here is a quick illustration using roulette outside bets:

  • Bet 1: $10 – winners proceed to Bet 2 (losers begin again at $10)
  • Bet 2: $30 – winners go to the third bet (losers are down $20 and start again with Bet 1)
  • Bet 3: $20 – winners proceed to the fourth bet (losers are already up to $20 overall and begin again with Bet 1)
  • Bet 4: $60 – winners pocket the total amount of $120, with a $20 investment (losers break even)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the 1326 Strategy

There are advantages and disadvantages you get for using the 1326 method to increase your profits in casino games. These are:

Advantages of the 1326 Strategy

  • It limits losses, so you don't have to play big wagers.
  • The system is easy to learn and use in online casino games.
  • Allow players to lock in significant profits in the long run.
  • It increases your profit when on a winning streak.

Disadvantages of the 1326 Strategy

  • The system doesnt offset the house edge in roulette.
  • It highly depends on luck to be successful.
  • Smaller profits compared to other progression systems.

Conclusion - Does the 1326 Betting Strategy Work?

Before you play roulette, you must understand that no strategy can alter the house edge in your favor. A betting system is only a guideline to maximize your profit. If you prefer a slow and steady way to build your bankroll, this system will work for you.

Many casinos allow players to employ different strategies, including the 1326 system in roulette and other casino games. We hope that you have understood how the strategy works. Make sure you choose a casino that is fully licensed and regulated by a recognized authority to test this system.

1326 Strategy FAQs

Is the 1326 roulette system reliable?

Like other betting strategies, the 1326 system does not guarantee you wins. But it can be profitable if you follow the sequence and other rules.

Can I use the 1326 strategy on other online casino games?

Sure, this betting system works on other popular online casino table games like blackjack.

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