Best Way To Learn Texas Holdem

Looking for the best way to learn Texas Holdem? Don't worry; we've got you covered. Our complete guide provides everything you need to know before you start playing the most popular poker game.

Texas Holdem is undoubtedly the most popular game you can play at the leading US casinos globally. You can find this game at online casinos at land-based gambling venues. If you are a beginner, this game may appear complicated, but it becomes easier as you learn the gameplay and master the rules. Nevertheless, the fact that it is easy doesn't mean you can land a winning hand at any time. You must apply different strategies to increase your chances of winning.

Our comprehensive guide to learning poker provides everything you may need to know, including the rules of Texas Holdem, poker hand rankings, types of bets, and much more.

What is Texas Hold'em Poker?

As earlier mentioned, Texas Holdem is, without a doubt, the most prevalent variation you can find online and in brick-and-mortar casinos in the US. The exciting thing about this variation is that it is the only variation with no limit and limit options. One amazing thing is that this game is so popular that it is played by people of all experiences. What makes this version extremely unique is that it has an extensive range of possible situations and winning combinations.

If you are venturing into Texas Holdem for the first time, it is essential to start with the basic rules before anything else. These are not the easiest rules to learn but a basic key to every poker game. Moreover, these rules are not only essential to learn but also vital to understanding the gameplay and the optimal betting strategy.

Do understand that poker first appeared in the casino industry over a hundred years ago. Since then, it has been one of the best choices for new and expert gamers. The simplicity of rules has inspired many authors to write strange books that recommend proper playing of Texas Hold'em. Today, this variation is used massively in the main event of the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour.

How to Deal a Hand in Texas Hold'em Poker

One of the first things you must know before playing Texas Hold'em is dealing hands. In this section, we've provided a step by step guide to dealing hands in this exciting game:

The Blinds

Before dealing cards, the player sitting on the left side of the dealer button must put some chips in the pot. The player on the left is the small blind, and the next player on the left is the big blind.

The Hole Cards

Every player receives two hole cards. It starts with dealing one card face down to the player on the left and goes in a clockwise pattern. The second hole card is then dealt with by every player and himself.

The Pre-Flop

Players are dealt two cards face down before the betting round starts. Do understand that these cards are private, and they are also called hole cards. Since we have the small blind and big blind, the third player is the one to act Pre-Flop. Moreover, players have the option to fold, call, or raise.

The Flop

The dealer discards one card off the top of the deck before issuing the flop. Then the dealer draws three cards face up in the middle of the table for all players to view. A player with hole cards can use them and the three cards to create the best five-card hand.

This is followed by a second betting round and starts with the player on the left. The player can choose to bet or check. If he bets, every player on the table can fold, raise or call. If other players fold, the one that is raised wins the pot. The rest of the cards are discarded, and another hand is dealt. The game moves to a turn if more than one player has cards.

The Turn

The dealer discards one card off the deck before the turn is dealt. Players with hole cards can use all the four community cards together with their hole cards to form the best five-card hand. Then it follows a third betting round that starts with the player on the left. If one player bets, every other player folds, call, or raise. The game advances to the river if more than one player has cards.

The River

One card is discarded off the deck before the river is dealt. And then the dealer places one more card face up next to the turn. The player with hole cards can use all the five community cards and their hole cards to form the best five-card hand. This is the final round of betting, and it starts with the player on the left side of the dealer.

The Showdown

If only one player remains in the next rounds, all other players must fold, and the bets placed in the pot are given to the remaining player. In the showdown, the remaining players expose their hands, and the winner is declared based on the hand ranking.

Hand Ranking in Texas Hold'em.

Many players are aware of what makes a good hand in poker. Here is a list of hand ranking in their order and what they constitute:

Royal Flush: The best possible hand consisting of an Ace of the same suit. This hand cannot be beaten.

Straight Flush: This hand features five consecutive cards of the same kind.

Four of a Kind: This hand consists of four cards of the same value and an extra fifth card.

Full House: This hand has three cards of the same rank and two cards of a different rank.

Flush: This hand has five cards of the same kind.

Straight: These are five cards in consecutive ranks but of different suits.

Three of a Kind: These are three cards of the same rank and two cards of different ranks.

Two Pair: These are two cards of the same rank, two cards of a different rank, and a kicker.

One Pair: This hand has two cards of the same rank and three cards from different ranks.

High Card: This is the top-ranking card you hold, and the player with the highest rank wins the game.

Top Tips to Winning in Texas Hold'em

If you are looking for ways to improve your winning in Texas Hold'em, we have your back. Here are tips you can follow to maximize your winning opportunities at the table:

  1. Know the Hand Rankings: Make sure you have a good understanding of the hand strength before playing Texas Holdem.
  2. Practise: Many online poker games are available in free mode and real money. Take time to practice with the free games before playing real money wagers.
  3. Bankroll Management: Your success depends on how well you can manage your funds. This will help you to know if you are losing or gaining.
  4. Focus on Your Opponent: Make sure you keep your eyes on your opponent's actions at the table.
  5. Learn to Calculate Bets: Ensure you figure out the best bet size in relation to the pot.
  6. Avoid Limping: Try to avoid limping because it can lead to making wrong decisions and losses.
  7. Use your Position: Don't just bet for the sake of it because someone in a better position than yours may call.


Texas Hold'em is quite an exciting poker game. Although this game may appear intimidating at first, it has simple rules. As with other poker games, you can apply different strategies to boost your winning opportunities. Moreover, this game is available at many online casinos in the US and globally. One thing you must remember is to choose a licensed, safe, and reputable casino to practice this game. We hope that the information we have provided in this guide will help you to play poker, be it online or at a land-based casino.

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