Are Online Scratch Cards Rigged

New and experienced online casino players always look for the best ways to land massive wins. Software developers are very much aware of this and are constantly creating games that offer chances for winning big rewards, including jackpots.

Online casino scratch cards are among the most popular games that offer massive instant wins. Even more appealing about online scratch cards is that you don't need prior skills or a special strategy to win. The game outcome is purely based on luck. While these games are fun to play and reward players decently, many players question whether they are rigged or not.

This guide will help you to understand how online casinos and developers ensure that scratch cards and other games are not rigged. Also, we've shared the rules of playing and a few successful tips to boost your winnings in scratch card games.

What is an Online Scratch Card Games?

An online scratch card game is a digital version of traditional lottery games. What makes them unique is they use a computer Random Number Generator program to determine payouts. The Scientific Games was the first company to introduce lottery scratch tickets into the gambling market in 1974. Since then, they have remained popular across land-based and online casino sites.

Unlike in a traditional lottery scratch card where players scratched a metal foil on paper cards to reveal the numbers. Online scratch card games have a 3x3 rectangular layout where you click to reveal hidden symbols.

Though some people find online scratchers cheap, they deliver the same exciting experience and huge payouts. Also, they are not fixed, as players can choose their bet amount before playing. These games are, in fact, the best alternatives for popular variations like blackjack.

How do Online Scratch Cards Work?

As earlier mentioned, online scratch card games are slightly different from their online counterparts. The online version is played on a 3x3 grid, and players must click on the cards to reveal the symbols. You win a reward for matching three combinations in a single play.

The first thing you need to pay for is a real money scratch card ticket. Once the bet is placed, ensure you read the small print to know the game mechanics. Further, playing Scratch online is pretty simple.

Once you have a ticket, you proceed to click on rectangular panels to see the symbols lying beneath. Matching the required symbols will grant you a win instantly. You can also choose to play the multiple chance scratch cards. The unique part of these variations is the revealed symbols take the place of referencing symbols.

Therefore, the more you scratch cards, the more symbols you land, hence bigger potential payouts. The number of symbols depends on the symbols involved in the winning combination and the rules followed.

How Online Casinos Prevent Rigging in Scratch Card Games

One fact you must understand is that the casino does not have the power to alter the outcome of a scratch card game, which makes it even harder for casinos to rig these games.

The outcome of online casino scratch cards is wholly determined by the Random Number Generator (RNG) software. With this in mind, scratch cards are purely games of chance. And you cannot employ a strategy to boost the odds of winning.

Additionally, online casinos hire independent third-party agencies to regularly test and audit the RNG software to ensure it's not rigged in any way. Also, online casinos are fully licensed and regulated by respected authorities to ensure they offer standardized games and gambling services.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Scratchcards

Like any other game, scratch cards have advantages and disadvantages for the player. Here is some point we highlighted:


  • Low Cost: Online casino scratch cards are available in different variations. The minimum deposit to get a scratch ticket varies from one game to another. You can stake from as little as 0.01 cents up to a maximum bet of $10 or even higher.
  • Massive Payouts: Scratch card games have different odds of winning that determine your payout. Many people have won big jackpot prizes by playing simple scratch card games. You can be lucky to enjoy lucrative wins regardless of your stake.
  • Widely Available: Scratch games are available in almost all leading online casino sites in the US. You can play these games in demo mode to master the game rules before advancing to real money games.
  • Multiple Winning Opportunities: One of the greatest advantages of playing scratch cards is they offer multiple chances of winning. A standard game can provide between 10 to 20 chances of winning
  • Relatively Slow Play Rate: Online scratchcards generally have a slower play rate than other popular casino games. The process and time of clicking to reveal the symbols reduce the rate in scratchcards. Thus, you can use your bankroll to play for a longer time.


  • No Contribution to Casino Bonus: The biggest drawback of scratch cards is that they don't contribute towards casino bonuses. Most games are restricted and typically contribute 0% to casino bonus wagering requirements.
  • Lower RTP: Another downside of scratch card games is they have a lower return to player (RTP) than online slots and other games.
  • High Risk for Gambling Addiction: National lottery and scratch cards are entertaining games. Players without proper strategies and disciple may be overwhelmed by the gameplay and become addicted in the long run.

5 Successful Tips for Winning Online Scratch Card Game

Being a game of luck, you cannot use a strategy to influence the outcome of scratch card games. The good news is that we have tips and tricks from successful players to help you win more significant rewards:

  1. Practice in Demo: You can play online scratch cards for free and learn how they work before advancing to real money gaming. Though you cannot withdraw winnings, you will know the potential payouts you can get for combining various symbols.
  2. Bankroll Management: The top secret to being successful in scratch-offs is learning the proper management of your funds. Always bet on the amount you can afford to lose.
  3. Take Advantage of Casino Bonuses: Online casinos reward new customers with attractive bonuses and promotions. Make sure you claim these bonuses to boost your bankroll and winning opportunities.
  4. Never Chase Loses: Many people are fond of going after their bets. However, this ends with losing even more money than they expected. Accept your losses and try another time.
  5. Read the Small Print: Reading the small print will provide you with all the information you need about a scratch card game, including the odds of winning.

The Bottom Line

We hope you have found the answer to whether online scratchcards and rigged games are available at casinos. You can enjoy these games in the free mode or play for real money. The amazing thing is the games are backed with RNG software to ensure all payouts are fairly generated.

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