Are Online Casinos Legit

The online casino industry is rapidly growing. With this growth comes legit and rigged or illegal casinos. Therefore, it is understandable that you feel hesitant to play at an online casino.

Legit online casinos allow players to have memorable and thrilling entertainment. They protect your data, provide safe payment methods, and adhere to regulations set by their regulators. 

In this article, we look at characteristics that make online gambling sites legit and some of the things to look for in a casino to confirm its legitimacy. 

What Makes An Online Casino Legit?

Your data safety and entertainment at an online casino depend on you. Usually, every online casino will claim to be legit to entice you to join. However, you are the only person that can distinguish the truth from lies. 

One of the best ways to identify legit casinos is by reading reviews from third parties like this site. Here, you will find unbiased information. Another way of identifying a safe and secure platform is by looking for specific features or qualities. Below, we share everything the best online casinos should have to qualify as legitimate online casinos.

Operating License Or Gambling Regulator

Legitimate online gambling sites must have an operating license. This permit allows a casino to offer gambling services to people in a specific jurisdiction. For example, a casino with a license from the UK Gambling Commission can offer its games to gamblers in the United Kingdom jurisdiction.

Sometimes, having a license from a specific regulator doesn't give a casino permit to offer gambling where the licensor is based. For example, a casino can have a license from the Curacao government. Yet, it might not have the authority to accept players from Curacao.

Once you identify the licensing information, it is crucial to find whether a casino is allowed to offer its services to people in your region/country. Other recognized licenses include Malta Gaming Authority, Sweden, Gibraltar, Alderney, Kahnawake, Italy, and Panama. 

These regulators ensure that casinos follow laid-out regulations to promote safety and security. Legitimate online casino sites must follow the rules as outlined by a regulator to retain their operating permit.

Ownership and Casino Operator

Information about casino ownership and operator should be publicly available. This gives you a chance to research the operator or owner to determine whether they can be trusted.

When casino ownership information is public, you can tell that the owner is ready to be held responsible for anything. Sometimes, the owner of a casino is not the operator. 

Some owners prefer to give operational rights to recognized operators that adhere to safe gambling and top security. A world-recognized casino operator ensures a casino is standard to protect its reputation. The operator ensures that the casino has the proper licensing and security measures before they take the gambling platform under its umbrella.

Safety Logos and Casino Auditors

Legitimate online casinos allow regular auditing of the RNG software. Usually, auditors test every aspect of a casino to ensure the safety and legitimacy of the platform and the Random Number Generator Software (RNG)

They investigate the quality and fairness of online casino games, operators, deposit and withdrawal methods, security flaws, and everything regarding the casino. Once a casino is proved to be safe, the auditor leaves a seal of approval or safety logo.

That is why you will find some casinos bearing the eCOGRA seal, TRUSTe, Norton Secure, and many others, depending on the site's auditor. Online casino site auditing should occur every few months or years. So, if you find out the last audit or scheduled audit date, you can predict the level of safety at a casino.

Random Number Generators

Another characteristic of a legit online casino is a random number generator. This is an algorithm used to decide an outcome of a virtual table game and slot machines. It ensures that wins are random and that the casino games are not designed against players. The RNG should be audited regularly by an external group such as eCOGRA and others.

Data Policy

Data policy describes how a casino uses and protects your data. It also describes the things players should do to ensure their data safety.

For example, a data policy can include a section describing the people that can access your information and when. Suppose the casino wants to verify your information. Data policy can guide the dedicated person on how to access your information, verify, and store your information. 

Security Protocols

Security is a high priority at a legit online casino. Therefore, you will find multiple security protocols that ensure data safety. Some of these includes:

  • SSL encryption is a technology that encrypts the interaction between players and casinos. In other words, no third parties can access information or financial transactions between you and an online casino.
  • ID verification: another security protocol is ID verification. When you register a casino account, the operator wants to know whether you used your information or borrowed from someone. You might be asked to take a Selfie with your ID card and send it to the casino for verification.

If you used your own ID to register an account, you would have no problem taking a Selfie. However, you cannot verify your account if you stole the identification information. This leads to the closure of your account.

  • 2-step verification: another security procedure is using 2-step verification. In other words, a code is sent to your phone so that you can feed it in a specified field when you try to log in or withdraw funds.

Suppose someone tried to log in to your account or withdraw your funds. If they need your password and a verification code sent to your phone, they might not be able to complete the procedure.

Technical Security

 A legit casino should also have measures to protect its hardware and software from attacks. Usually, casinos hire third parties to provide technical security. This information might not be provided on the casino website. However, you might find which security companies a casino operator associates with.

What To Look For To Choose a Safe and Secure Online Casino

Finding the above characteristics in real money online casinos might be impossible because you don't know where to look. However, there are some things you can easily see to confirm whether a casino site is legit or a scam. Below are some features you can verify to ensure a casino promotes safety and fair gaming.

Payment Methods

A trustworthy real money casino games use globally recognized payment processors. Using these methods to fund your accounts or withdraw your winnings is safe, convenient, and fast. 

Ideally, these payment processors have their security measures to ensure safe transactions. They also partner with licensed online casinos to protect their businesses from legal repercussions.

Trustworthy casinos online use methods such as VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Trustly, iDebit, Paysafecard, Wire Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, and many others. These casinos can also have cryptocurrency payment methods such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and others. 

Software Providers

Game developers also have a reputation to protect. They also must abide by regulations granted to them by various jurisdictions. For example, if Microgaming does not have a license to offer its games in America, it cannot partner with a casino offering its services to America. If it did, it would face legal suits and other complications it would rather avoid.

So, you can look at the software providers powering the top casino sites to confirm whether it is safe. Find recognized providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Quickspins, Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and others. 

These developers also test their games to ensure fairness. They even allow third parties to audit their games before releasing them to the market.

Licensing Information

Licensing information is readily available at the bottom of a legal online casino website. You can find the licenser and the licensing number. Some casinos might not display this information at the bottom of the homepage. However, when you scroll through the about page, terms & conditions page, or the parent website, you can find this information.

Auditors Logo

The auditor's logo is usually placed at the bottom of the most trusted online casinos. eCOGRA, and TRUSTe, are some of the most popular auditor logos to look out for. Some casinos have one auditor logo, while others have more than two.

Information on Responsible Gambling

If an online gambling site is all about earning money from you by providing rigged games, it wouldn't advise on responsible gambling. However, a reputable casino operator understands that a casino should have a mutual relationship with its players.

In other words, a good casino operator needs you to be a responsible gambler. They provide tools to help you gamble responsibly. For example, you should be able to set your deposit limit, wagering time, and other features to promote responsible gambling. The casino should also provide sources or organizations that promote responsible betting.


Every online gambling site operator builds a product focusing on a specific market. They package the casino to fit the target's needs.

For example, you should be able to join a casino without using VPN. If you have to mask your IP address to join an online casino, you are not an eligible player. 

Sometimes, you can easily join a casino without using a VPN. However, you might not be eligible for bonuses. 

Usually, casinos include information about their targeted clients. This means you are not protected or cannot raise grievances about bonuses or withdrawal if you don't come from one of the targeted jurisdictions.

Customer Support

Customer support is crucial to clients' satisfaction. It is the only way players can give feedback or receive help. Suppose you deposited some funds, played, and are unable to withdraw.

You can seek solutions through customer support channels. However, you cannot find answers if a casino lacks customer service. Therefore, determining whether a casino offers customer support is crucial. It would help if you knew the quality of customer support provided by the casino.

Reviews and Testimonials

Another way to determine whether a casino is good is by reading reviews and testimonials. Fortunately, there are many reviews online. Some sites even have a list of all blocklisted online casinos.

You can read reviews from various sites to confirm whether the verdict given on one site is similar to the one given on another. Ideally, rely on additional reviews to make a sound judgment about an online casino.

You Are Partly Responsible For Your Safety At An Online Casino

If you are reading this, it shows you are already a responsible gambler. You want to know how to keep your information safe and enjoy fair gaming. However, there is more you need to do even when playing at a legit online casino to ensure data safety. These include:

  • Play at recommended safe online casinos
  • Look for licensing information
  • Avoid using public wifi as someone might try to steal your information and use it maliciously
  • Don't save banking information on a shared computer
  • Don't share your banking with someone that wants to register an account at online casinos

Ideally, ensure that your data safety is guaranteed on your side. Also, remember to check about licensing information and audits of a casino in case they change.


Data security and fair gaming should be your top priority when finding the best online casino. Fortunately, thanks to this guide, you can easily identify a safe and secure platform. Playing at a top legit casino means fair gaming, possible winning, a great gaming experience, peace of mind, and data security. Therefore, make it a priority to find whether a casino is legit.


Are online casinos legit?

Most online casinos are legit. However, the number of unsafe, illegal online casinos is significantly high too. Therefore, looking for the characteristics that make an online casino safe and secure is crucial.

Where can I find safe online casinos?

Safe online casinos are everywhere. You can do a quick search to come up with a list of top online safe casinos. There are also sites dedicated to reviewing online casinos and giving their unbiased verdict.

Do all safe online casinos have mobile apps?

Not, some casinos don't have a mobile app. This doesn't make them unsafe.

Can I win real money playing at legit online casinos?

Yes, playing at a safe online casino gives you great chances of winning real money. Moreover, you should be able to withdraw your winnings from a legal casino.

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