Do you enjoy gambling and trying to beat the odds? If so, then blackjack is the perfect game for you! This card game is easy to learn but can be challenging to master. This series of blog post will teach you everything you need to know about blackjack, from the basics of the game to advanced strategies. We'll also provide tips on how to improve your chances of winning. So sit down at the table, and let's get started!

Soft 17 - Everything Explained!

Blackjack is an incredibly amazing simple game available in online and land-based casinos. Unlike slots and roulette that purely rely on luck, you can use a strategy to lower the house edge in blackjack games. While the games are different, the rules of playing blackjack are basically the same. The objective of this game is to get a hand as close to 21 as possible but not exceed the number. Soft 17 is one of the common rules you'll find in all blackjack variations.

This article explains how the soft 17 rule in blackjack games works. Also, we have given reasons why many gamers always avoid this rule.

What is Soft 17 in Blackjack?

As earlier mentioned, the soft 17 is pretty common in most blackjack games. To put it in simple words, this is a blackjack hand worth 17, where the ace counted as 1 or 11. The unique thing about this hand is that it cannot burst if a player picks an extra card.

There are many ways in which a soft 17 hand can be made in a blackjack game. The most common hand known to many players is the soft 17. Alternatively, players can make a soft 17 using three or more cards. However, the ace must be counted as 1 in this case.

Since players cannot bust with the soft 17, the rules of playing this hand are slightly different from others. In a standard blackjack game, you can hit or double on soft 17. It depends on the upcard of the dealer and the rules in use. But the case changes when the soft 17 rule is in play.

Though players are free to do anything they want with their cards, dealers must stick to the basic rules. The dealer stands on soft 17 or higher or hits on soft 17. The good thing with blackjack is you can easily tell the rules in use as they are indicated on the tables.

Make sure you familiarize yourself with blackjack terms before you start playing, whether for fun or real money.

How the Soft 17 Rule Affects Strategy in Blackjack

There is only one way to play a hand with a high expected value when it comes to blackjack games. A good basic blackjack strategy helps you to increase the potential of winning by lowering the house edge.

Unfortunately, most players don't use a basic strategy when playing blackjack at online casinos. That's why you can find a blackjack game with a low house edge of around 0.5%, but the actual percentage in casinos is 5%. This is because many blackjack players don't use the correct basic strategy.

It is essential to understand that the basic strategy of blackjack changes based on the rules that are being followed. In a game where the dealer hits the soft 17 rule, the strategy may change but not significantly like other rules. There can only be big changes if the double-down strategy is being used.

Additionally, the number of decks in a game also matters a lot. A single-deck game allows you to hit on a soft 18 when the dealer has an ace. Also, a game with four or more decks allows you to double down on a soft 17 against the dealer's 2.

The Effect of the Soft 17 Rule on the House Edge

The house edge is basically the profit the casino makes from wagers in the long run. This profit can only be felt or enjoyed by the casino after thousands of hands. However, anything can happen in the short run.

For example, if you are playing a game with a standard house edge of 1% and you play with a stake of $100. It implies that you will be winning an average of $60 per hour. But this is only theoretical, as you cannot win $60 per hour, even with the best blackjack strategy.

Therefore, any adjustments to the rules of playing automatically affect the house edge of the game. For instance, if the dealer hits soft 17 instead of standing, the edge of the game increases by 0.2%. Though the percentage may appear small, it has an effect on the overall payout.

It is common for punters to argue that this rule benefits the player and not the dealer, as the chances to burst are high. While it is true that the dealer risks bursting often, his hand improves to the point of compensating any incurred losses.

Soft 17 vs. Hard 17 Blackjack Hands - Which One is Better?

Understanding the soft 17 and hard 17 hands in blackjack is crucial for developing a good strategy. As you expect, the odds of beating the dealer in soft and hard hands vary. That's why you need to know the type of hand you are playing.

The initial cards you are dealt will determine whether you have a hard or soft hand. The only card that makes a difference in blackjack is the Ace. If the first two cards have an Ace, it is considered a soft. This is because the Ace counts as a single number or 11, depending on your cards.

Most players consider the soft hand to be better as it provides multiple options for the players. To help you comprehend, imagine you get an Ace plus a 9 as the initial cards. In this case, it can be interpreted as either 10 or 20.

On the other hand, if the initial cards don't have an Ace card, it automatically becomes a hard hand. This had is quite rigid as it doesn't give you options. This reduces the chances of winning that you get in the soft hands.

Therefore, soft hands attract more players than hard hands in blackjack games.

Soft 17 Playing Strategies

So, if you are lucky to be dealt an Ace firsthand, you can apply these basic strategies to optimize your winning. The good thing is that these approaches work across all blackjack variants. This is what should do with a soft 17 hand:

  • Always hit when you are dealt a soft 17 hand.
  • Always hit when you are dealt hard 4 to 8 against the dealer's A or 2 through 10 upcards.
  • Always hit when you are dealt hard 9 against the dealer's A or 10 upcards.
  • Always hit when you are dealt a hard 13 or 14 against the dealer's A and 7 through 10 upcards.
  • Always surrender when you are dealt hard 16 against the dealer's A, 9, or 10.
  • Always double when you are dealt a hard 9 against the dealer's 3 to 6.
  • Always double when you are dealt 10 or 11 against the dealer's 2 to 9.
  • Remember to stand on a hard 17 and higher.

Note that there are more strategies you can apply when you are playing blackjack with the soft 17 rule. Make sure you master how each strategy works before using it in your game.

Card Counting and the Soft 17 Rule in Blackjack

Card counting is a common practice in land-based casinos. (But is card counting cheating? Read more here). This strategy requires you to know the high and low cards remaining in the deck. With this information, you can adjust your stake and system to beat the dealer.

However, there are many variables to consider in card counting. Players are advised to double down based on the True Count. A standard blackjack variation has a True Count of +1 or higher. Do understand that the True Count in a hard 17 hand needs to be a -1 or higher.

3 Common Mistakes Made When Playing the Soft 17 Rule

A soft 17 hand in blackjack can be profitable; however, there are common mistakes that are made by players when playing this hand. Here are the three common mistakes you must avoid if you want to benefit from the soft 17 rule:

  1. Standing on Soft 17
  2. Many blackjack players often stand on soft 17. The truth is that standing on a soft 17 will only lead to significant losses. Since the casino rules require the dealer to hit soft 17 instead of standing, it implies the potential payout is bigger. The same rule works for the players. Therefore, avoid standing on soft 17 at all costs.
  3. Failing to Double Down on Soft 17
  4. Some players make the mistake of hitting a soft 17 on blackjack tables when the dealer's upcard is a 5 or a 6. It is only recommended to double down in multi-deck blackjack games when the dealer's upcard reads 3 to 6.
  5. Ignoring the Double Down Rules
  6. Depending on the casino, you may not be allowed to double down on soft hands or not. The reason is that doubling down on soft 17 often occurs on single and double-deck games. Make sure you know the rules for doubling down on soft and hard hands before playing blackjack games.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the soft 17 is one of the most essential rules in blackjack. You will find this rule written almost on all tables in casinos. Though this rule may not seem like a big deal at first, it becomes profitable as you continue playing hands.

When choosing blackjack games, remember to check the game rules and the different combinations available. Additionally, you must play blackjack at fully licensed and regulated sites. Always remember to play responsibly and use a strategy to boost your winning opportunities.

Soft 17 Rule FAQs

Which hand is better - soft 17 or hard 17?

If you compare the hard and soft hands, the latter provides better options for winning big. The Ace can be 1 or 11 in a soft hand.

Where can I play blackjack with soft 17 rules?

Blackjack players have numerous casinos where they can get games with soft 17 rules. The best casino must have a gaming license in Great Britain and other respected authorities.

When should I split in blackjack?

There are various instances where it is recommended to split in a blackjack game. Such cases include when the dealer's upcard is 4 through 7; if the game rules allow doubling down, and always split 8,8, and A, A.
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Baccarat Or Blackjack?

As the most popular table games, blackjack, and baccarat couldn't be any more different. Blackjack games require some skills and a strategy to win, while baccarat is a pure game of chance where you only need to decide how much to wager.

Playing online casino games has proven to be one of the best pastime activities. Numerous casino games are available for people of all experiences and skills. The two most popular games you can find at almost every casino are baccarat and blackjack. These two games have been around for many decades and are favorites to every gambler. 

The good thing about online casinos is that you get to enjoy different variations of these games. Moreover, you can try any game you want in free play mode before advancing to playing with real money. A common question from new casino players is which game between baccarat and blackjack is the best. We'll take you through the key differences between these two games and their pros and cons to help you make a sound decision.

Basic Rules And Gameplay Of Blackjack

Blackjack table games can be found in all leading US online casinos. Many professional gamblers love this game because of the low house edge. Also, you can apply different strategies to increase your winning opportunities. The goal in blackjack is to get a hand close to 21 without exceeding it. Overall, players aim to beat the dealer's hand.

The game starts with the dealer dealing two cards, one facing up and the other facing down. In blackjack, all number cards have the same value as their number, and all picture cards (face cards) have a value of 10. The aces can have a value of 1 or 11.

Players have four options to make after the first two cards are dealt. They can stand, split, surrender or double down. The dealer is the last to make a move. Blackjack rules require dealers to stand if they have a 17 to 21 and always hit if the total is less. The player wins with a 21 or less if the dealer goes bust.

Blackjack is a great casino game for players looking to test their skills. Make sure you understand all the playing rules and use a basic strategy to maximize your winning opportunities.

Basic Rules And Gameplay Of Baccarat

Baccarat is becoming more and more popular in top US casinos. Though it used to be considered the high rollers game, you can play baccarat at land-based, online, and live casinos with any budget.

The objective of the game is to get a winning hand close to 9. Many gamblers love baccarat's simplicity and solid odds. You don't have to be like James Bond in the movie to beat the dealer in baccarat. Unlike blackjack, a hand cannot go bust in baccarat. In case a hand exceeds 9, the score loops round and reset to 1 while ignoring the first total of 10 in a score.

The three options available in baccarat are banker bet, player bet, and tie bet. Once the cards are drawn, the winner is the one with the total hand of close to 9. Moreover, the player has a house edge of 1.2%, and the tie has an advantage of 14.3%. The casino has a lower house edge of 1% in baccarat.

Numerous baccarat games are available at online casinos, including chemin de fer, punto banco, EZ baccarat, no commission baccarat, and many others. Though baccarat is a game of chance, learning basic strategies and practicing regularly can enhance your gaming experience and win.

Differences And Similarities Of Blackjack And Baccarat

There are significant differences and similarities between these two games. Both baccarat and blackjack are compared to one another because they use a standard 52 deck of cards. Additionally, blackjack is believed to be a descendant of baccarat. Let's look at other differences between the two popular table games.

The Objective Of The Games

The aim in both baccarat and blackjack is to get a hand as close as possible to a predetermined number while beating the dealer. The cards are assigned a certain value in both games. Nevertheless, the ace is equal to 1 or 11 in blackjack, and it's worth one point in baccarat.

Betting Options

One of the most notable differences between these games is the betting options. Baccarat offers three betting options, the player, the banker, and the tie bet, while in blackjack, you only bet on yourself to win. In Baccarat the player bet offers even money payouts, the banker pays 20 to 19, and the tie bet pays 9 to 1. In blackjack, bets are paid out 1:1 unless you hit a 'blackjack' where you have great odds of 3:2.

Totalling Card Values

Blackjack is straightforward when it comes to counting your total card, while baccarat has a more complex method. To determine the highest hand in either game, you must know the values of different cards. In blackjack, Jack, Queen, and King cards have a total value of 10, and the rest of the cards are equal to their face value. The Ace counts as 1 or 11. In baccarat on the other hand, the total hands of two cards are added, and the first number is removed to determine a winning hand.


Getting a total hand that exceeds 21 while playing blackjack is considered a 'bust,' and the player loses the bet. Players can be dealt up to five cards as they try to beat the dealer until they stand. This is not the case with baccarat as there is no bust option. The primary goal is to beat the dealer.

Odds Of Winning

Baccarat games offer the lowest house edges than any other games in casinos. But the house edge depends on the bets you play. The banker bet has a small edge of 1.06%, and the player bet has 1.24%.

With a proper strategy, you can lower the house edge in blackjack to 0.5%, which gives better odds of winning. However, the edge can increase by 2% without a good blackjack strategy.

Both games offer better odds of winning despite the different rules of playing. Nevertheless, you must understand that there is no baccarat strategy that can lower the odds. They can only increase your winning opportunities.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Baccarat And Blackjack Games

Whether you choose to play blackjack or baccarat, you will experience some advantages and disadvantages. The following points should help you decide which game is the best to go for.

Advantages Of Playing Blackjack

There are many benefits of playing blackjack and lots of reasons why it is the most popular table game across all casinos. This game combines the elements of skill and chance and allows players to utilize basic strategies. Let's find out the benefits you'll get:

  • A Low House Edge: Players enjoy a relatively low house edge of 1% or can be as low as 0.5%.
  • Blackjack Strategy: The blackjack odds of winning can increase using a proper strategy. Learning basic strategies in blackjack is quite easy, and most of them are reliable.
  • Involves Multiple Decisions: Blackjack games offer numerous choices for players that influence the odds of winning. The total score plays a big role in the choices you make in each round.

Disadvantages Of Playing Blackjack

The following are the downsides of playing blackjack games:

  • Varying Rules: Different rules apply depending on the blackjack variation you are playing. It's hard to tell what will happen from one blackjack table game to the next.
  • Complicated Strategies: Most blackjack strategies are complex for beginners to master. They require regular practice before one can start benefiting from them.

Advantages Of Playing Baccarat

Baccarat has become a favorite brand for people of all caliber in the USA. Here are some advantages you'll enjoy from playing this game:

  • Low House Edge: Many people are attracted to the high baccarat odds of winning. The lowest house edge in baccarat is 1.06% if you choose the banker hand or 1.24% with the player bet.
  • Easy Gameplay: The rules of playing baccarat are easy to understand; no wonder it is a favorite among beginners. You simply place a bet, check the cards, and calculate the numbers.
  • No Strategy Needed: Baccarat is a pure game of chance, which means that you don't require a strategy to reduce the odds in your favor. 

Disadvantages Of Playing Baccarat

Like other games, baccarat has some downsides. Here are the disadvantages of this game:

  • Complicated Scoring System: Though baccarat is a simple game, you will realize that the scoring system becomes complicated when it comes to the third card.
  • Limited Betting Options: Some baccarat variants have one or two side wagers. Overall, you only have three-bet options to choose from.

Baccarat Or Blackjack? - Which Is A Better Game?

If you were asked to choose one game between blackjack and baccarat which one would it be? Both games offer the best odds of winning, with baccarat having 1.06% and blackjack at 0.5%. Blackjack can be very profitable to skilled players who understand using optimal strategies. 

Since baccarat is more about luck, it is a good option for beginners. So, the choice is all yours. You can go for the game of chance or test your skills with blackjack. Make sure you choose a reputable online casino to try your game of choice. Last but not least, pay attention to different rules and variations when comparing baccarat vs. blackjack games. Make your decision and have some fun now.

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Martingale Blackjack Strategy

The Martingale system is a money management method you can apply at any blackjack table game. Learn how you can increase your chances of winning in blackjack using this ancient betting strategy.

It's the dream of every blackjack player to beat the house. Many players around the world are constantly working on techniques to reduce the house edge as much as they can. Over the years, players have employed different strategies to improve their chances of winning in blackjack. The Martingale betting system stands out as one of the oldest techniques that have been used to lower the house edge in blackjack.

One thing you should understand from the start is that no betting system or strategy guarantees 100% wins. Strategies can only improve your chances of winning bigger prizes than what you would have received.

Let's walk you through the Martingale betting system, how it works in blackjack, the pros and cons of using it, and much more.

What is Martingale Blackjack Strategy?

The history of the Martingale betting system dates back to the 18th century. It is believed to have been invented in France and made famous by a casino owner called Mr Henry Martingale. Martingale is a negative progression system and one of the oldest gambling strategies in the world. The exciting thing about this technique is that it has only a few basics to grasp, and you will be good to use it on any blackjack game. The Martingale strategy is best in games that provide even chances of winning. That implies that you have a 50% chance of winning and losing. However, understanding the basics alone won't guarantee you big wins. This system provides a mathematical approach to independent events. By independent events, they mean any current gaming sessions are not affected by the previous ones. Though this might be a difficult concept to understand at first, it becomes clear once you apply it to real blackjack games.

Learn How the Martingale Betting System Work in Blackjack

Many casino players always fall victim to the gambler's fallacy, where you guess the outcome based on the outcome of the previous round. The problem of facing a 50/50% percentage is that you can neither win nor lose. This is the logic behind the Martingale system. For instance, if you stake 50 dollars and lose your bet, the next stake should be $100. Assuming you won this wager, you would return to the original wager, which is $50.

Players are expected to stay fixed on this system until they recover all the bets. Once you have recovered all bets, you return to the original bet value, and the system goes on like that. The essential thing is to keep your eyes on your bankroll and always know when to quit.

Main Variations of Martingale Blackjack Systems

There are different variations of Martingale betting systems you should be aware of before you employ this strategy in your gameplay. As you would expect, the rules of applying these strategies may vary. Find below the three main Martingale betting system variations in blackjack games:

The Classic Martingale Betting System

With this Martingale betting approach, you double your bet when you are losing and raise your stake on a winning streak. Though you can lose a lot of money in a row, you can be sure of refunding when you start winning. Nonetheless, there is no guarantee that this strategy will work. The idea behind this system is to start with small wagers before you to big stakes. Please note that this system can drain your bankroll fast, leaving you with almost nothing to wager on your next games.

Grand Martingale Betting System

The Grand Martingale betting strategy allows you to play big wagers on all the lost money. The attractive thing about this system is you can win better profits than in other variations. Please note that some precautions must be taken when claiming the Grand martingale Betting strategy.

Reversed Martingale Betting System

The reversed Martingale betting system is sometimes referred to as the Mini Martingale betting strategy. The unique thing with this system is that it limits players from wagering a bigger amount of money when they are on the losing streak. With this system, you will lose your funds much slower than other systems. 

Pros and Cons of the Martingale Betting Strategy

The Martingale betting system comes with some advantages and disadvantages. Here are some points we have shared to help you in maximizing the chances of winning:


These are the advantages of applying the Martingale system to your blackjack games:

  • Easy to Follow

The progressing speed in Martingale makes it easy for players to learn and apply it to any game. The system is not complicated, and it takes a short time to be complete.

  • Good Instant Profit

The good thing about the Martingale betting system is you only need one win to recover all your losses.

  • Short Term Benefits

The Martingale betting strategy works best for players with short-term goals. It guarantees good returns within a very short period of time.

  • Bettor Odds 

The odds of winning using the Martingale system are higher compared to other betting strategies you'll come across.


These are the downsides of using the Martingale betting strategy in blackjack:

  • Limits

Some casinos limit how much you can bet. This means that you cannot bet more than the indicated amount.

  • High Risk

There's a high risk of losing all your bankroll if you are unlucky to get streaks of prolonged losses in the game.

  • Bigger Bankroll

You need to have a bigger bankroll to keep you going until you get a winning hand. This is because the system can deplete your bankroll within a short time.

Should I Use the Martingale Betting Strategy System?

The decision is entirely upon the player to decide whether to use the Martingale betting strategy or not. Whether you are playing blackjack for the first time or you are an ardent player, you need an excellent method to maximize your chances of winning. If you are planning to go for the Martingale strategy, you must be ready to face the challenges that come with it. The best way to understand how this system works is by practising it with free games before advancing to real money gambling. (Check this Martingale betting system tester to see how Martingale is working in action). Please note that the Martingale betting strategy may be good for you if you are a short-term player and if you are okay with risking a large amount of money.


One thing you must understand is that the Martingale betting system is a double edge sword. You get enough chances of making good profits, but you can lose your entire bankroll if you are not careful enough. The most significant aspect of this system is that you can get high returns from a single game. However, you must be consistent and patient enough until the betting system starts to pay off. We highly encourage you to try out this system in the free play mode before advancing to real money gambling. Nevertheless, the Martingale betting system may not be the best, but it surely can increase your chances of landing big wins in a short period.

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212 Blackjack Strategy

Many blackjack betting strategies are employed by players to lower the house edge in their favour. The 212 blackjack strategy stands out as the most reliable system you can count on to beat the dealer.

If you are looking for a classic card game with a thrilling experience and a player-friendly house edge, look no further than blackjack. This skill-based game is largely played in the best online casinos in the UK. Blackjack has simple rules, and players can use different strategies to increase the chances of winning. The 2-1-2 betting system or the Manhattan blackjack strategy is widely sought after by new and expert players. It is a progressive betting system designed to enable players to enjoy constant small wins. Our comprehensive guide to 212 blackjack strategy covers everything you need to know, including how it works, the benefits of using it, and much more.

What is the 2-1-2 Blackjack Strategy?

If you are after making a profit from playing blackjack online, the 2-1-2 is the best betting system you should consider. When you employ this strategy in your gameplay, you get a high chance of winning on each hand.

To use the 2-1-2 betting system, you must know when to increase your stake and when you reduce your stake. Knowing the right time to make these fundamental moves will significantly increase your chances for big wins. While mastering the basics of this system, you will also get to understand the specifics of raising and stopping.

Like the D'Alembert system, the 2-1-2 betting systems require players to raise stakes when winning and reduce the bet size on the losing streak.

How Does 2-1-2 Blackjack Strategy Work?

As earlier mentioned, the 2-1-2 is a progressive betting system, meaning you increase your bets whenever you win. However, this system works in a completely different way compared to other betting strategies.

The first step is setting a unit size, which will vary depending on the table you are playing at. For instance, if the minimum bet size on a table is $5, you should start with that.

In the next step, you place a wager worth two units. If this bet wins, you reduce your stake by one unit. Another win takes you back to a two-unit wager.

After that, you raise your bet amount by one unit on every win. However, you must return to the original 2-unit stake wager if you lose at any point in the game.

One thing you should know about the 2-1-2 betting system is that you use it with even money bets. These bets always have high odds of winning, and they have less volatility.

Pros and Cons of Using 2-1-2 Betting

Like other blackjack betting strategies, the 2-1-2 system has advantages and disadvantages. We have highlighted the following points to help you in proper decision-making. They include:


Low Volatility

Using betting systems can lead to massive wins and losses because they involve high risk. Nevertheless, the volatility is only favourable when you are winning and turns out rough during the losing streak. The good thing is that this system doesn't involve much risk during the downswings.

Great Way to Capitalize on Winning Streaks

Sometimes you land a massive win in a game, and you wish you had wagered a bigger amount. This is the problem that the 2-1-2 betting system is created to solve. Though you will not make as much money during the winning streaks, you can be sure they will be constant. The profit is big when you get consecutive wins.

No Risking Losses

Unlike the negative progression systems where you raise your stakes when losing, the 2-1-2 system is all about gaining. As aforementioned, this system requires players to increase the stake when they are winning. In case there is a loss, it only affects your profits and not the stake.



The reason many new blackjack players shy away from using the 2-1-2 betting systems is because of their complexity. You start by dropping from two to one unit after the first win. After that, you go back two units after a second win. Lastly, you add an extra unit for every win thereafter. All these steps can be pretty hard to remember if you are playing for the first time.

Profits are Not Guaranteed

Like other betting systems, you are not guaranteed 100% profits for using the 212 betting systems. Though it can help you make huge profits, it may take several game sessions before you win big.

Wagers Start at 2 Units

Many betting systems always start with a one-unit wager before progressing to higher bets. Small units ensure that you don't lose money from the starting point. The case is different with the 2-1-2 betting system. All players must start with two units going forward.

Should You Employ the 2-1-2 Betting System?

The decision of whether or not to use the 2-1-2 betting system depends on each player. We've done our job of explaining how this system works and highlighted the advantages and disadvantages that come with it. The reason we highly recommend this progressive system is because it can lead to huge profits in the long run. If you are not sure which betting system to go for in blackjack, 2-1-2 is your solution. As we have shared, this system is not volatile like others you will come across. The fact that drops to one unit at first and then raises it steadily reduces any involved risk.

Other Popular Blackjack Betting Systems

In addition to the 2-1-2 betting system, there are other blackjack strategies you can use to lower the house edge. These systems are easy to use and reliable. They include:

  • The 1-3-2-6 Betting System

The 1-3-2-6 is another popular system you can count on for big wins. This system works by multiplying your bet by each number in the sequence whenever you win, up to four wagers. It is designed to reduce risks when you are playing blackjack.

  • The Martingale System

The martingale system is considered the simplest to use in blackjack. This system reminds you that before you make profits, you must make losses. Nevertheless, this is a risky system, and we recommend it to experienced players only.

  • The Flat Blackjack Betting System

The flat betting system is pretty straightforward. You are required to stake the same amount every time, whether winning or losing. The good thing about this strategy is that it allows players to control.


The 2-1-2 or Manhattan betting system deserves a spot among the best strategies in blackjack. It has not lost meaning like other systems that are common in other games. This system guarantees a low risk-way of making good money if it is used appropriately. Being one of the safest systems, it is acceptable at leading online and offline casinos in the US. If you are doubting which betting system is friendly to beginners, now you have an answer.

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Does Blackjack Basic Strategy Work

Of course, yes, the blackjack strategy works if it is used perfectly. In fact, strategy is what distinguishes blackjack from other casino games like slots and roulette.

Blackjack beats all other casino games in strategy and house edge. The ability to apply different strategies is one of the reasons blackjack attracts many players in the US and globally. While strategies don't guarantee 100% chances of winning, they contribute significantly to your success. Moreover, finding a system that works for you can be a bit of a challenge, especially for beginners. The secret to benefiting from your strategy is understanding the rules of your games. Most blackjack players start by memorizing the basic strategy chart to help them get a better hand over the dealer. But this is not everything you need to make big profits from playing blackjack. Therefore, we've gathered all the relevant information to help you understand how blackjack's basic strategy work and how best you can benefit from it.

How to Play Optimally with Blackjack Basic Strategy

Before playing blackjack, the first fundamental thing to do is learn how the tables work. This is important as it helps you to pick a game that you are comfortable with. The most popular variants you can find in most casinos are 4 and 8 deck blackjack. Almost every basic blackjack strategy works for these games. Players can easily predict the next move since the game has lesser odds.

The truth is you can never guess the exact card that is next, regardless of your strategy. The importance of the strategy is not helping you guess the next card but to lower the house edge in your favor. Of course, there is a slight difference in how you play blackjack in online and land-based casinos.

There are different actions you can take in different scenarios in blackjack. The best way to make a solid decision is by understanding and mastering your blackjack strategy chart. The following are the main scenarios and what you are expected to do:


  • Always surrender a hard 16. But never surrender a pair of 8s when the dealer's up card is nine, ten, or an Ace.
  • Always surrender a hard 15 when the dealer's card is ten.


  • Always split your Aces and Eights.
  • Never split fives and tens.
  • Always split twos and threes when the dealer's up card is four, six, or seven.
  • Always split sixes when the dealer's up card is three, four, five, or six.
  • Always split sevens when the dealer's up card is two, three, four, five, six, or seven.
  • Always split nines when the dealer's up card is two, three, four, five, six, eight, or nine, but never seven.

Nevertheless, there are few adjustments to this basic blackjack strategy where Double After Split is allowed. In such a case, you will consider the following moves:

  • Always split twos and when the dealer has two and three.
  • Always split sixs when the dealer has two.
  • Always split fours when the dealer has two.

Double Down

  • Always double hard nines when the dealer has three, four, five, or six.
  • Always double hard ten, except when the dealer has ten or ace.
  • Always double hard eleven, except when the dealer has an ace.
  • Always double soft 13 or 14 when the dealer has five or six.
  • Always double soft 15 or 16 when the dealer has four or six.
  • Always double soft 17 when the dealer has three or six.

Hit or Stand

  • Always hit on hard 11 or less.
  • Always stand on twelve when the dealer has four, five, or six, otherwise hit.
  • Always stand on thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen when the dealer has two, three, four, five, or six, otherwise hit.
  • Always stand on hard seventeen or greater.
  • Always stand on soft eighteen but hit when the dealer has nine, ten, or an Ace.
  • Always stand on soft nineteen or greater.

Basic Strategy Charts

Blackjack charts may appear complicated at first sight, but they are pretty simple to use. Players use different approaches when it comes to mastering how the charts work. The type of method will depend on each player's personal preferences. Some people prefer learning through practice with the help of a computer program, while others employ one-on-one trainers. Practicing gives you an excellent opportunity to learn the correct moves and decisions to take. The good thing with blackjack is you can buy cards and a strategy charts and practice from the comfort of your home. Online casinos also offer free blackjack games you can practice on your mobile device or personal computer.

Card Counting Strategy in Blackjack

One of the best ways to approach a blackjack game is using a card counting strategy. A basic strategy doesn't teach players how to count cards in blackjack. This technique requires a proper understanding of tagging cards, monitoring odds, focusing on the dealer's face-up card in each round. Though counting cards is legal, many online and offline casinos forbid it. In fact, many casino operators invest advanced technology systems in detecting card counters. Understanding how card counting works is not complex. The first step is assigning values to each card in the deck based on small and big cards. In summary, you follow the positive and negative systems to determine the cards that are left in the deck.

Other Blackjack Strategies and Tips

The basic strategy is not everything you need to lower the house edge in blackjack. There are other strategies and tips to maximize your chances of winning. Increase your chances of beating the dealer's hand using the following tips:

  • Choose blackjack tables that suit your bankroll.
  • Learn basic strategy and stick to it.
  • Learn money management skills.
  • Understand the rules of your preferred games.
  • Practice with the free blackjack games before betting with real money.
  • Play at casinos with huge bonuses and promotions.
  • Understand how betting systems work in blackjack.

Common Misconceptions About Blackjack Basic Strategy

Using a basic strategy can be of great significance to your blackjack experience in the long run. However, the perfect basic strategy is often misunderstood by newbies.

Some players believe that the whole idea of basic strategy is based on the dealer always has a ten in the hole card. This is why they are easily diverted to other moves that cost them in the end. However, this is a baseless claim since a ten-value card has only 30.8% on a single deck.

Another common misconception is that a basic blackjack strategy is the ultimate and only sure way of reducing the house edge. But this is not true. 

There are players who don't trust any betting strategy and often bet based on intuition. Even though they can be lucky to land a few wins, the house always catches up within them in the long run.

Conclusion of Does Blackjack Basic Strategy Work

With the basic strategy, players have a clue of the best move to make based on the dealer's face-up card. It is accurate and a reliable way to enjoy a low house edge over the dealer. Moreover, this strategy has been developed and improved over the years by experts so that players can profit. Unfortunately, most players don't take time to learn how the strategy works and the best way to benefit from it. But if you get enough time to read and understand what we have highlighted, you will be much better than before. Use the tips we have included to maximize every opportunity you have of winning. If you are playing at online casinos, ensure the operator holds a valid license from a recognized authority. Also, look for casino comps and other bonuses to boost your bankroll.

Blackjack Basic Strategy FAQ

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21st Century Blackjack

We've thoroughly reviewed the 21st Century blackjack game, including the rules of playing, the basic strategy, and more information to help you. 

The 21st-century blackjack game is a unique variant that is legal in California casinos. It follows the rules of the traditional 21 blackjack but also has some significant differences. Moreover, this game was invented by a California company called Casino Game Concepts to counter the 1860 law that explicitly prohibited playing blackjack and other real money games. Though this game shares many things with blackjack, it is unique enough not to be deemed illegal under the law. What makes this variant stand out from other blackjack games is there is no busting. By the end of this guide, you will know what 21st Century blackjack is, the rules to follow, and the best strategy you can apply to win more.

The Basics of 21st Century Blackjack Game

At first, you might confuse 21st Century Blackjack with a classic blackjack game. In both games, the objective is to get a hand close to 21 without exceeding it. Your total value must beat that of the dealer to win.

A standard 21st Century blackjack uses 2 to 8 decks, and all cards are dealt from a shoe. It is not very different from what happens in a live casino game. What's unique in this game is that decks include a joker, making it a 53-card game and not the usual 52 cards. The joker is wild, and it can help a player get a natural hand of 22 - the best hand in 21st Century Blackjack.

While this may sound confusing, especially to beginners, the game mechanics become clear after playing it for a while. If you know how to play the classic blackjack, you will not have a big challenge getting around in this version.

Similar to blackjack, the role of the dealer passes around the table from one player to the next until the end of the game session. Since players compete against each other, the house only takes its rake for hosting the game.

21st Century Blackjack Game Rules

As you expect, a game like 21st Century blackjack comes with some special rules to follow. Here are the rules you must familiarize yourself with when playing this game at any online casino:

  • The highest hand value in 21 Century blackjack is 22 or a natural. This hand is formed by 2 jokers, a joker, an ace, or two aces.
  • A natural hand for both the player and the dealer results in a push.
  • The dealer or banker button moves from one player to another as the game progresses, and it stays with a player for a specific number of hands.
  • The game has a bet limit, but players are free to bet that limit in each betting round.
  • Players may hit on any hand up to a maximum of 12.
  • In this game, players can double down on 11 or 12 and draw two cards.
  • A player with a joker cannot double down, surrender or split.
  • A dealer can stand on any hand from a minimum of a hard 18 and higher.
  • If both the player and dealer have a natural hand, the game ends in a push.
  • Splitting aces is allowed in 21st Century Blackjack.
  • If both the player and dealer have hands exceeding 22, the outcome if a push if the player's hand value is lower than the dealer's.
  • A player cannot hit if the dealer's face-up card is a joker.
  • Both the dealer and player hit on soft 18 or less and stand on hard 18 or more.

However, you should understand that these rules may vary depending on the casino you are playing at.

How to Play 21st Century Blackjack

Like other regular blackjack games, the rules of playing 21st-century blackjack are straightforward. Remember, you will be playing with 2 and 8 decks of cards, including a joker. The number of players can range anywhere between 8 and 10. Though the card values are the same as a standard blackjack game, the key difference is cards 2 to 9 have a face value. Also, cards 10 to Kings have a value of 10 points each, and the aces have value of 1 or 11. Remember, a joker has no value in this game, but it can give a hand value of 22 if it appears with another card.

In 21st century blackjack, each player is dealt two cards and can make several decisions based on the cards. The moves one can make are:

  • Hit: drawing additional cards to boost the hand.
  • Stand: maintain the initial 2 cards and draw no more cards.
  • Double Down: doubling the initial wager and then taking additional cards.
  • Split: dividing a hand with 2 cards of identical value into separate hands to increase the chances of winning.
  • Surrender: to give up your hand and half of your original wager.

Differences Between 21st Century Blackjack and Classic Blackjack

You don't have to be an expert player to identify the differences between 21st century blackjack and classic blackjack games. So, the following points are what differentiates these two games:

21st century blackjack is played with multiple decks (2 to 8), including 1 joker in each deck.

The joker acts as a wild in 21st century blackjack and assists the player in getting a hand of 22.

There is no dealer in 21st century blackjack, but banker responsibility moves from one player to another.

Any hand that exceeds 21 is a push and not a bust in regular blackjack games.

The casino only benefits from the charges of hosting the game but does not have the edge over players.

Players are free to go up to 3 bet rounds on a hand, using the three betting circles marked on the table.

A player in the 21st century can wager on another player's hand by placing chips in their circle, but this is not possible in regular blackjack.

A player cannot bust 21st century blackjack for getting a total of 21 since the highest hand value is 22.

A player can bet on other hands in 21st century blackjack and win if the hand wins or lose if it loses.


21st century blackjack is a thrilling card game. Though it is only available in land-based casinos, it is designed with new exciting features. The rules of playing this variant are slightly different from the standard blackjack. If you are a regular player, this is the best version to challenge your skills. Additionally, if you always dream of becoming a dealer at a blackjack table, this is the game to check out. We hope developers will eventually create an online version of the 21st century blackjack game.

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Is Card Counting Cheating?

Many wonders, "is card counting cheating," but card counting is not illegal in blackjack games. In fact, it is considered one of the best optimal strategies you can employ to lower the house in your favor. Using your brain to win big is perfectly legal in the US.

Blackjack has been one of the most popular games since the old days of brick-and-mortar casinos. This card game has significantly spread in the United States and globally. Unlike other table games, blackjack doesn't have a big house edge. Players reduce the house to their advantage if a perfect strategy is applied. Back in the 60s, professional blackjack players and mathematicians made a breakthrough by beating the house. They realized that you could count cards and determine when to raise or lower your stake. However, the card counting technique left many people wondering whether it's a form of cheating or not. We've gathered every bit of relevant information to help you understand whether counting cards is illegal or not.

What is Card Counting in Blackjack, and How Does it Work?

Card counting is a basic strategy used in blackjack games to increase the odds of a player winning. This technique doesn't require any advanced tools but your brain and knowledge of the game. Many players have been able to beat the casino house edge using card counting, which is not illegal to use in casinos. Applying this strategy is quite straightforward. The first thing is to know the different cards and their value. You must be able to determine the number of small and big cards remaining in the shoe or deck. The fundamental card counting method is based on positives and negatives. The secret to this strategy is based on the rules of blackjack. Mathematically, having big cards in the deck favors the player more than the house. When done properly, counting cards can lower the edge to 1.5%. This percentage is bigger than what the casino has over players in blackjack.

Is Card Counting Illegal in Casinos?

Card counting has always been misunderstood; no wonder some people and operators consider it a form of cheating. As a fact, many casinos in the US have tried numerous times to outlaw card counting, but with no success. Many courts have failed to prove that this technique is a form of cheating since it involves using eyes and the brain. Regardless, some casinos deem card counting a way of violating unwritten laws.

The only point where this technique is considered cheating in casinos is when players use external card counting devices. It's completely illegal to write down numbers, use a calculator, or other electronic devices to count cards.

Successful card counting is done in teams, but this can get you banned if the casino finds out. Pro-blackjack players have used a card counting strategy to beat the edge single-handedly. This is legal, and no court will prosecute you for that. However, casinos have imposed rules restricting players from benefiting from the skill. Many casinos in Las Vegas, like Atlantic City Casino, ask players to leave once they determine they are counting cards.

How to Count Cards the Right Way in Blackjack

The only illegal way of counting cards is using an external device. Nonetheless, the whole process of card counting is legal. Many casinos may not allow you to use this approach for a long time or ban you completely. This is why the first rule of a card counter is not to be found. If you are a beginner, we've shared steps you can follow to start counting cards.

The first step is to assign a point value to each card in the deck. Aces cards and 10s have a value of -1 each, and 7s, 8s, and 9s are worth zero points. The low-value cards 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, and 6s, are worth +1.

Whenever a card is dealt, you add its value to your running count. You raise your stake when the count is positive and reduce your stake when the count is negative. This method is able to get you to a point where the house does not have the edge over you. However, this system has its downsides, and you must make sure you have mastered it before applying it to any game.

How Casinos Prevent Card Counting in Blackjack

Since casinos cannot report card counters to police, they set up measures to prevent customers from using this technique. Many operators employ security personnel and install advanced technology to detect any form of card counting. So, the following are the most common measures casinos use to curb counting cards at blackjack tables:

Set Unfavorable Rules

Casinos come up with new rules to limit players from practicing card counting by all possible means. Nowadays, many casinos offer blackjack games with multiple decks and not the traditional single-deck games.

Lowering Payouts

Many casinos have been using this technique to prevent card counters from making huge profits. At many times, the payouts are reduced from 3:2 to 6:5. This gives the casino an advantage of around 1.39% over players.

Lesser Deck Penetration

Deck penetration in blackjack involves the amount of shoe a dealer has to go through before cards are shuffled. For instance, a dealer allows a 50% penetration every time he is dealt four out of eight cards. This concept is very helpful to card counters, especially when playing multi-deck games. Most casinos increase the penetration amount to take advantage of newbies.

Regulate the Bet Size

Limiting the bet size is one of the most popular measures casino operators take to prevent counting cards. Capping the amount a player can wager limits them from raising the stake during the positive count.

Keeping Track of Advantage Players

Many successful blackjack players automatically enter the records of casinos. This way, casinos are able to know the technique and any other trick the player might have applied to win over the house.

Using Continuous Shuffling Machine (CSM)

Many online casinos use a continuous shuffling machine (CSM) that enables them to return all used cards in the shoe. This means that there is no point where a player can start counting cards.

Focus on Unusual Strategy

Many skilled card counters make unusual moves when they detect a favorable count. In this case, they raise their stakes instantly to take advantage of the profits. Casinos are keen to notice any slight change in strategy to ensure players don't make enormous profits.

Using RFID Chips in Blackjack Cards

Modern technology is employed to keep off card counters from making huge profits. Many casinos insert RFID Chips in playing cards to try and determine the player's edge in blackjack. Also, these chips are used to track players' wagers.

How to Avoid Getting Caught Counting Cards

Card counting is not illegal, but many casinos limit this strategy because it gives players an advantage of winning big. Though casinos have set measures to reduce players from counting, there are simple tricks to help you to stay off the casino's radar.

  • Avoid making suspicious facial expressions.
  • Play at blackjack tables with a 3:2 natural payout.
  • Try to keep card counting as private as possible.
  • Find casinos that do not restrict card counting.
  • Tip dealers if you are playing at offline casinos.


At this point, you understand that card counting is not cheating. Many casinos have created this notion because it reduces the house edge to favor players. You can freely count cards at some casinos without anybody asking you to leave. Knowing the different techniques casinos use to stop card counting is a plus to your success. As long as a third-party electronic device is not involved, you can count cards and boost your winning opportunities at any time.

FAQ Is Card Counting Cheating

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​​Can You Double Down On A Blackjack?

Double down bet is one of the most thrilling moves in blackjack games. Learn what it means and why it is the most sought bet by pro players.

Blackjack is a popular card game that attracts low and high roller players. To be successful in any blackjack game, you require optimal strategy and skills. If you are new to blackjack, you need to understand the different bets you can play. Double down is the most popular bet that you will find in all blackjack games. With this bet, you get the chance to boost your initial bet by up to 100%. However, knowing the best time to double down is vital in blackjack. There are three situations when doubling down is allowed, and it guarantees you big winnings if done in the right way. Of course, the best time to double down your bet is when you have an advantage over the dealer. Keep reading to understand how double down works in blackjack and why you should always opt for this hand.

When to Double Down in Blackjack

The objective of playing blackjack is to beat the dealer's hand. Whenever you find that you have a mathematical probability of beating the dealer, that's the time to strike. As you may be aware, there are certain hands in blackjack that are best to take advantage of. The three best moments to double down are:

The Total of your Cards Equal 11

The time the total of your cards is 11 is considered the best for doubling down your hand. The reason is if you have an eleven, one or more cards could land on blackjack or get a figure close to it. Many people choose this moment because it is hard to break 21.

When You Have a Hard 9 or 10

A hard hand in blackjack is when an ace is not involved. Whenever you find yourself with a hard nine or ten, the best option is to double down if the dealer has a lower card. You stand a good chance of winning against the dealer if one of them is in the cards.

When You Have a Soft 16, 17 or 18

A soft hand is when you have an ace and another card. Many players know that an ace card guarantees massive wins because it boosts your chances of hitting or getting a hand close to 21. However, you must only double down when the dealer shows a low-value card.

When Not to Double Down in Blackjack

Nevertheless, there are situations when doubling down in blackjack is not recommended. Never think of making this move in the following conditions:

Dealer Has an Ace Card

We all know that ace is a very powerful card in blackjack; that is why it is advised not to double down in such a case. The odds are always in favor of the house to get a blackjack or a hand closer to 21.

Player's Hand is Greater than 11

If your hand exceeds eleven, you should never opt for a double-down option in blackjack. A hand that is close to 11 has very high chances of busting. If you are not 100% sure, don't risk doubling down.

Doubling Down on a Split in Blackjack

The best thing about casinos is that they allow you to double down on a split. However, this happens in a rare situation and can only be done by expert players. Splitting in blackjack is when you divide two into two hands. In this case, a player may be lucky to split bad hands into better hands; thus, a player can double a bet whenever the dealer busts.

How to Double Down and Split in Blackjack

As aforementioned, you double down by placing another bet of the same value as the original bet. Once you double down the bet amount, you only receive one additional card, and then you stand. On the other hand, you split if you have two cards of the same value in one hand. The cards are split into two hands, and each hand you double down with receives one additional card. Therefore, it is possible for you to double down and split at the same time. Also, you can double down after splitting a pair to get more chances of winning.

What to Consider When Doubling Down in Blackjack

One crucial factor to consider when doubling down in blackjack is the rules of the casino. The basic rules will tell when it is the right time to double down or not.

Many land-based and online casinos will allow you to double down when your cards total up to 10 or 11. However, if your hand has any other value, you play normally.

It's essential to keep an eye on the value the dealer must hit up to because it affects how likely they bust. Remember, some games allow the dealer to hit up to 17, while others hit up to 16. The higher chances a hand has of going bust is the best moment to double down.

Pay attention to the dealer; if he checks for a blackjack when he is dealt an ace or a higher value card, it means he doesn't have a 'blackjack.'

By following the simple tips, you significantly increase your chances of winning when doubling down in blackjack.


Now that you understand doubling down, you can join any blackjack table game and put your skills to the test. Remember, you can only make this move in certain favorable situations. In as much as this double down hand is profitable, it is not recommended if you are not sure. It is highly advisable to go through the rules of the casino and the game of blackjack you are playing.

FAQ About Double Down

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Blackjack Bankroll

Blackjack bankroll management is a crucial element every player wanting to be successful must know. Find out how you can apply this simple strategy to maximize your chances of profiting from playing real money blackjack games.

Money management is one of the overlooked aspects, especially by new players. While players may spend many hours mastering basic strategies, they forget about how to take care of their bankroll. Having good money management skills is vital to making a good profit at any blackjack table. Nevertheless, you cannot beat the house edge using bankroll management; you must apply other optimal strategies to boost your chances of winning. Before we go any further, let's understand what blackjack bankroll is and how it is essential to your success.

What is Bankroll Management?

In simple words, a bankroll is the money you set aside specifically for gambling purposes. It should not be part of your rent, school fees, or business money. If you cannot set aside the money you are ready to lose at any time, then you shouldn't even bother yourself playing. Many ardent gamblers have separate bank accounts for betting only.

In this case, it is the money you will spend on blackjack bets. The two critical elements you have against the casino are your bankroll and knowledge of the game. One cannot survive or happen without the other. It is meaningless to master a strategy if you don't have sufficient money to apply it to real money games.

How Blackjack Bankroll Management Work

Understanding how blackjack bankroll management works is pretty simple. With this skill, the stakes you can play to give you a better chance of staying in the game for a much longer time.

For example, you join a blackjack game with a budget of $200 and find people playing a $200 minimum bet game. If you go ahead and stake the whole of your $200, you have a 50/50 chance of winning. If you are not lucky enough, you can go broke instantly by losing all your bankroll.

On the other hand, if you opt for a blackjack table with a minimum bet size of $50, you have four games to play. This means you have spread your $200 on four different sessions. This way, you get better chances of winning.

From the two examples, you can see that small stakes give you a longer playing time and more chances of winning than staking your full bankroll. This strategy applies to any blackjack game you want to play.

How Big Should Blackjack Bankroll Be?

The size of your bankroll determines the size of blackjack games you can play comfortably. The general rule of playing is the buy-in must always be 50 times the minimum bet size. For instance, if your goal is to play at a $20 minimum bet table, you must buy in with $1000, and the sequence goes that way. With a bankroll 50 times your stake, you can survive the highs and lows of the game until you grasp your strategy. Also, it enables you to withstand losses until the game is in your favor.

Basic Blackjack Bankroll Rules

If you are going into blackjack with long-term goals, you need to familiarize yourself with basic bankroll management rules. The main rules are:

  • Don't start playing unless you can afford 150 bet-size units.
  • Spread your bankroll based on the time you want to spend at a blackjack table.
  • It is recommended to play for a maximum of three hours per session.
  • Bet on one unit until you are leading that particular session.
  • Always increase or reduce your bet size between sessions to stay close to 200.
  • Raise your wager by one-half unit on each hand during the winning streak.
  • Reevaluate your bankroll after each game session to determine whether you are making a profit or loss.
  • Always return to 1 unit after a single hand loss.

Blackjack Betting Systems

Blackjack betting systems used by punters to determine whether to raise or lower your stake are not always correct. These betting systems are divided into two categories:

  • Positive Progressive Systems

In positive, progressive systems, it is recommended to double your stake every time you win. The idea behind this system is that you can maximize your chances of hitting massive winnings if you are lucky. An excellent example of the positive, progressive systems is the Paroli Betting Strategy, Reverse Labouchere, 1-3-2-6 Number system, and Contra D'Alembert system.

  • Negative Progressive Systems

Contrary to the positive, progressive systems, the negative system advises players to lower their stakes when losing. The most popular negative progressive betting systems are D'Alembert and Martingale, Labouchere, and Fibonacci.

Top 5 Tips for Blackjack Bankroll Management

We have you covered if you are looking for tips to help you in bankroll management. Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Pick a Casino that Suits your Needs: With tons of online casinos, you need to pick a site that meets your gaming needs, such as the variety of games and other features.
  2. Understand the Game you are Playing: Casino games come with varying rules. Make sure you have practiced and understand how the game works.
  3. Learn How to Place Bets: It is essential to know which bets have high payouts and the best time to play them. Sometimes you should double your wager if the opportunity is favorable.
  4. Know the Bonus Terms and Conditions: Casinos offer bonuses to boost your bankroll. What some people don't understand is that these bonuses have wagering requirements and other terms and conditions to meet before you can profit from the offers.
  5. Combine Money Management Skills and Basic Strategy: The incredible thing about blackjack is applying different strategies to maximize your winning opportunities. Combining your money management skills and techniques is a plus to your success.

Why Many Players Lose in Blackjack

While losing is unavoidable in blackjack, some people lose because of mere carelessness. The main reason we have players losing their money in blackjack is that they did not take the time to understand the game rules. Additionally, some people don't set the amount of time they'll be spending on each game session, so they end up playing for many hours without any successful wagers. A smart player learns and sticks to one strategy until it pays off. Learning bankroll management skills is the sure way to reduce losses in any blackjack game.


Now that you know how to correctly build and protect your bankroll, it is time to hit the casino floor and show off your skills. Nothing will give you a better feeling than winning at blackjack tables. The best way to achieve this is by using an essential strategy in every hand you play. Remember, if you are not using a plan, you have a high risk of losing your stake. Overall, blackjack is incredible and you can enjoy whether you are a beginner or an experienced gamer.

Blackjack Bankroll FAQ

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Can I Use Blackjack Strategy Card

Blackjack games come with more exclusive rules than any other casino game. One of the exciting things is you can use a blackjack strategy card to maximize your chances of winning. 

Blackjack is a popular card game founded on solid mathematical formulas. This implies that you can utilize various tools to increase your winning opportunities. The legal and widely acceptable method is the using blackjack strategy charts and cards. Knowing the game's essential rules and having an optimal strategy is key to improving your chances of beating the dealer's hand. Other than these cards, players can use other blackjack techniques like card counting to lower the house edge in their favor. Carry on reading to learn more about these cards and whether you can openly use them while playing at online and land-based US casinos.

Is it Legal to Use a Blackjack Strategy Chart in Casinos?

Of course, yes, it's 100% legal to use your blackjack strategy card or chart at any casino. But the biggest concern is whether it is profitable or not. To start with, blackjack is a game of both skill and chance. Having sufficient knowledge of the basic strategies will help players in making the right decision and, therefore, improve their odds of winning. However, it is impossible to master all blackjack strategies and rule variations; that's why many casinos allow players to use strategy cards. There is no law or rule that will enable casinos to restrict new and experienced players from using strategy charts. Though casinos will allow the use of these charts, players can only confirm them when stuck but not spend the whole time reading them. This brings us back to the fact that you must have a basic strategy other than the cards.

What is the Blackjack Strategy Card?

As the name suggests, a blackjack strategy chart can be a pocket-size or large card with guidelines for a well-optimized blackjack strategy. These cards come with all the possible moves a player can take in various situations, including methods for the common rule variations. Players can purchase blackjack strategy cards from online stores or any gaming shops in town. The cards are made of high-quality plastic material, and they come in different designs, sizes, and credit values.

As aforementioned, a blackjack strategy indicates the best possible move you can move in a particular situation to better your odds of winning. The decision is based on your dealt cards, and the dealer's up card. There are five moves you can make once the cards are dealt in blackjack. The five options are:

  • Can I or Should I Double Down: Doubling your hand is an excellent move as you are sure of winning big payouts. However, some casinos restrict this move because they know players have a high chance of winning.
  • Should I Hit or Stand: Another decision you can make in a blackjack game is whether or not to take another card. You can request for another card depending on the cards you have been dealt.
  • Can I or Should I Split: Splitting is allowed if your first two cards are a pair or if you are dealt two 10-value cards.
  • Can I or Should I Surrender: If the casino allows the surrender option, then you can only do so on the first two cards that are dealt. Surrender should be the first thing that comes to mind when you are dealt cards.

The steps for using blackjack strategy cards are as follows:

  1. Pick the Correct Strategy Card: When choosing a strategy card, you need to consider the number of decks that are used in the game. Most cards come with decks ranging between 1 and 8. Also, check whether the dealer must hit or stand on soft 17.
  2. Select a Row for Your Hand on the Card: Once you have selected the right strategy card, feel free to consult from it at any time. The cards are split into three main sections. The front part of the card has sections for both soft and hard hands.
  3. Identify the Dealer's Upcard: The next move is finding the dealer's upcard to determine the action to take. The dealer's upcard of Ace is marked by 'A,' and upcards Ten, Jack, Queen, and King have a value of ten.
  4. Find your Strategy at the Intersection: After locating the appropriate hand and the dealer's upcard, the perfect move appears at the meeting point.

Advanced Blackjack Strategy

The above basic strategy is simplified to make it easy for new players to memorize. Nevertheless, the chart doesn't list all situations you can make in advanced situations. That's where the advanced blackjack strategy is applied. If you are willing to take your gaming experience a notch higher, these strategy cards are for you. Though they may appear complicated, they are worth learning. Here are some advanced strategies you can use in blackjack:

Treating 3-4 Card Hands: A player may have a complex hand like 15 or 16, not three cards but three or more. For instance, if you are dealt a 16 against a dealer's face-up card of 10, a basic strategy recommends hitting on 16, but an advanced system forbids getting another card.

Betting on Insurance: Many players consider insurance a no-go-zone bet. However, this bet is a strategic blackjack side bet that requires card counting skills to know when they're a few 10s left in the shoe. This creates a favorable chance to play the insurance bet.

Surrender when Needed: Though the surrender option may not be available at all casinos, it allows you to fold a hand and take back half of your bet. This can be a good move, especially for players with bad hands.

How to Memorize Blackjack Strategy Charts

There are a few tips you can use to memorize the basic blackjack strategy cards. Nevertheless, it requires players to simplify the basic strategy to make it easy to remember. Also, some people may prefer different approaches to mastering the strategy cards.

Play at Live Dealer Games

In live blackjack games, you can observe how the game is being played, and the action other players take based on their cards and the dealer's face-up card. Anyone wanting to advance in the blackjack strategy should observe how other players are applying it first.

Practice with Free Blackjack Games

Another helpful tool for memorizing strategy cards in blackjack is practicing with the free blackjack games. Free play blackjack games are available at all reputable online casinos in the US.


Even though it is not guaranteed to win all games by following basic blackjack strategy cards, they have possible combinations to boost your winning. Memorizing the charts is essential if you are planning on long-term profit. The best thing is that using blackjack strategy charts is not forbidden in land-based and online casinos.

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