Does Blackjack Basic Strategy Work

Of course, yes, the blackjack strategy works if it is used perfectly. In fact, strategy is what distinguishes blackjack from other casino games like slots and roulette.

Blackjack beats all other casino games in strategy and house edge. The ability to apply different strategies is one of the reasons blackjack attracts many players in the US and globally. While strategies don't guarantee 100% chances of winning, they contribute significantly to your success. Moreover, finding a system that works for you can be a bit of a challenge, especially for beginners. The secret to benefiting from your strategy is understanding the rules of your games. Most blackjack players start by memorizing the basic strategy chart to help them get a better hand over the dealer. But this is not everything you need to make big profits from playing blackjack. Therefore, we've gathered all the relevant information to help you understand how blackjack's basic strategy work and how best you can benefit from it.

How to Play Optimally with Blackjack Basic Strategy

Before playing blackjack, the first fundamental thing to do is learn how the tables work. This is important as it helps you to pick a game that you are comfortable with. The most popular variants you can find in most casinos are 4 and 8 deck blackjack. Almost every basic blackjack strategy works for these games. Players can easily predict the next move since the game has lesser odds.

The truth is you can never guess the exact card that is next, regardless of your strategy. The importance of the strategy is not helping you guess the next card but to lower the house edge in your favor. Of course, there is a slight difference in how you play blackjack in online and land-based casinos.

There are different actions you can take in different scenarios in blackjack. The best way to make a solid decision is by understanding and mastering your blackjack strategy chart. The following are the main scenarios and what you are expected to do:


  • Always surrender a hard 16. But never surrender a pair of 8s when the dealer's up card is nine, ten, or an Ace.
  • Always surrender a hard 15 when the dealer's card is ten.


  • Always split your Aces and Eights.
  • Never split fives and tens.
  • Always split twos and threes when the dealer's up card is four, six, or seven.
  • Always split sixes when the dealer's up card is three, four, five, or six.
  • Always split sevens when the dealer's up card is two, three, four, five, six, or seven.
  • Always split nines when the dealer's up card is two, three, four, five, six, eight, or nine, but never seven.

Nevertheless, there are few adjustments to this basic blackjack strategy where Double After Split is allowed. In such a case, you will consider the following moves:

  • Always split twos and when the dealer has two and three.
  • Always split sixs when the dealer has two.
  • Always split fours when the dealer has two.

Double Down

  • Always double hard nines when the dealer has three, four, five, or six.
  • Always double hard ten, except when the dealer has ten or ace.
  • Always double hard eleven, except when the dealer has an ace.
  • Always double soft 13 or 14 when the dealer has five or six.
  • Always double soft 15 or 16 when the dealer has four or six.
  • Always double soft 17 when the dealer has three or six.

Hit or Stand

  • Always hit on hard 11 or less.
  • Always stand on twelve when the dealer has four, five, or six, otherwise hit.
  • Always stand on thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen when the dealer has two, three, four, five, or six, otherwise hit.
  • Always stand on hard seventeen or greater.
  • Always stand on soft eighteen but hit when the dealer has nine, ten, or an Ace.
  • Always stand on soft nineteen or greater.

Basic Strategy Charts

Blackjack charts may appear complicated at first sight, but they are pretty simple to use. Players use different approaches when it comes to mastering how the charts work. The type of method will depend on each player's personal preferences. Some people prefer learning through practice with the help of a computer program, while others employ one-on-one trainers. Practicing gives you an excellent opportunity to learn the correct moves and decisions to take. The good thing with blackjack is you can buy cards and a strategy charts and practice from the comfort of your home. Online casinos also offer free blackjack games you can practice on your mobile device or personal computer.

Card Counting Strategy in Blackjack

One of the best ways to approach a blackjack game is using a card counting strategy. A basic strategy doesn't teach players how to count cards in blackjack. This technique requires a proper understanding of tagging cards, monitoring odds, focusing on the dealer's face-up card in each round. Though counting cards is legal, many online and offline casinos forbid it. In fact, many casino operators invest advanced technology systems in detecting card counters. Understanding how card counting works is not complex. The first step is assigning values to each card in the deck based on small and big cards. In summary, you follow the positive and negative systems to determine the cards that are left in the deck.

Other Blackjack Strategies and Tips

The basic strategy is not everything you need to lower the house edge in blackjack. There are other strategies and tips to maximize your chances of winning. Increase your chances of beating the dealer's hand using the following tips:

  • Choose blackjack tables that suit your bankroll.
  • Learn basic strategy and stick to it.
  • Learn money management skills.
  • Understand the rules of your preferred games.
  • Practice with the free blackjack games before betting with real money.
  • Play at casinos with huge bonuses and promotions.
  • Understand how betting systems work in blackjack.

Common Misconceptions About Blackjack Basic Strategy

Using a basic strategy can be of great significance to your blackjack experience in the long run. However, the perfect basic strategy is often misunderstood by newbies.

Some players believe that the whole idea of basic strategy is based on the dealer always has a ten in the hole card. This is why they are easily diverted to other moves that cost them in the end. However, this is a baseless claim since a ten-value card has only 30.8% on a single deck.

Another common misconception is that a basic blackjack strategy is the ultimate and only sure way of reducing the house edge. But this is not true. 

There are players who don't trust any betting strategy and often bet based on intuition. Even though they can be lucky to land a few wins, the house always catches up within them in the long run.

Conclusion of Does Blackjack Basic Strategy Work

With the basic strategy, players have a clue of the best move to make based on the dealer's face-up card. It is accurate and a reliable way to enjoy a low house edge over the dealer. Moreover, this strategy has been developed and improved over the years by experts so that players can profit. Unfortunately, most players don't take time to learn how the strategy works and the best way to benefit from it. But if you get enough time to read and understand what we have highlighted, you will be much better than before. Use the tips we have included to maximize every opportunity you have of winning. If you are playing at online casinos, ensure the operator holds a valid license from a recognized authority. Also, look for casino comps and other bonuses to boost your bankroll.

Blackjack Basic Strategy FAQ

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