Can Blackjack Be Profitable?

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. Its popularity is because it is a fun game and its profitability. 

There are over 15 blackjack variants to enjoy. These include American, European, Multi-Hand, Spanish 21, and many others. You can find these games in a blackjack hall in your local casino or online. All you have to do is choose the best blackjack tables and play your way to the bank.

Making money playing blackjack requires both luck and skills. Below, we look at the information you need to sharpen your skills and make blackjack profitable. We'll also share other procedures to make money the next time you want to play the blackjack variants.

Sign Up With an Online Casino

Is there anyone that learns how to play blackjack by visiting a land-based casino? Before online casinos, a person would become a professional blackjack player by playing with other players in a casino. This would mean losing money until you get a grip of the rules and luck is on your side.

Today, you don't have to lose money to learn the game. You can sign up with an online casino and play in a free demo before staking your real money. Play the game in a brick-and-mortar casino only after mastering the tips and strategies from playing online.

You'll need this account to practice all the things you will learn going forward. Fortunately, there are only so many casinos offering different blackjack variants. Find your favorite and finish creating a player account. 

The DO's to Make Blackjack Profitable

You must do several things to increase your chances of winning money from blackjack. Here are the DO's for blackjack players to maximize winning opportunities:

Master the Rules

If you don't understand the rules, you're not ready to make money playing online blackjack. So, before anything else, master the rules of the game. Start with general rules, then dive deeper into rules for specific variants.

For example, the multi-hand variant might have several different rules from Spanish 21. Another crucial thing to remember is that your primary rule is not to hit 21 but to beat the dealer.

Learn the Blackjack Strategy

There are several strategies to master to play online blackjack. But, place some more attention on the perfect basic strategy. Master the blackjack chart. This shows the possible hands in a game. Mastering the chart gives you the foundation for identifying when to split, hit, double, or stand based on your cards and dealers. Once you've mastered the basic strategy, learn other advanced techniques to improve your chances of winning.

Learn How to Count Cards

Can you count cards when playing online blackjack? Some people claim that card counting is impossible, but this is not true, as this strategy has helped many players to win. However, the best way to count cards is at land-based casinos. The reason why it is not recommended to use card counting in online blackjack is that they are fast-paced and many of them use multiple decks.

Card counting is the best way to reduce the house edge. It helps predict the next possible card out of the deck. Knowing this guides you to split, hit, stand, or double. Card counting has made several famous players millionaires. Counting cards coupled with the basic strategy increase your potential earnings.

Be a Master of Your Bankroll

Imagine having all this information to make money without financial discipline. Its suicide. You don't want to go bankrupt chasing more cash. 

Unfortunately, mastering all the strategies and tips doesn't guarantee wins. You must learn the rules of playing each casino game to optimize your chances of winning. 

Set up a bankroll and stick to a strict bankroll management practice. Decide how much you can wager each round, day, week, and month. Stick within your set budget even if you are on a winning streak.

Find the Best Blackjack Variant

It's crucial to practice the tips you're learning here to ensure you're doing everything right. So, choose a game to start your adventure. Try several blackjack variants in free mode to familiarize yourself with the rules. Pick the best to improve your skills with.

Remember to check the payout card too. Don't be tempted to wager more to earn more money.

The DON'Ts

The DOs come with DON'T'S. Here are some of the things you shouldn't do while playing blackjack online.

Avoid Side Bets Unless You Are a Professional Blackjack Player

Most blackjack games have side bets. These are additional bets players can make. As much as they sound good, they are not the best. This is because these bets have a much lower return to player (RTP) and are based on luck instead of skills. Avoid these bets unless you're a professional player that knows a way around them.

Don't Make an Insurance Bet

An insurance bet protects players in case the dealer wins with 21. That sounds good, but hold on a second. 

Making an insurance bet means placing an additional stake beside the main bet. If the dealer doesn't win with 21, you will lose so much more earnings than you would with the main bet. By relying on the basic blackjack strategy, tips, and card counting, you can predict whether the dealer will win with 21 or not. So, you don't have to risk much more cash placing an insurance bet.

Bonus Tips

How do you feel about some more tips to increase your chances of winning money? If this sounds good, implement the following tips.

Start With a Small Bet

This cannot be said enough. Start with a small bet. People disregard this very important tip chasing a six-figure income. Even casino-savvy players place small bets at the beginning of a game.

Start with a small bet, whether you're playing online or at a land-based casino. Familiarize yourself with the atmosphere around you, other players, and dealers to decide whether to continue making smaller bets or make larger bets.

Be on the Lookout for the Dealer's Face-up Card

Earlier, we mentioned that your goal shouldn't be to hit 21 but to beat the dealer. Fortunately, you have the upper hand because dealers leave one of their cards facing up.

Considering the dealer's hand before making your next move is crucial to winning the game.

Split a Pair of 8s and Aces Instead of Hitting

When you have a pair of 8's and the dealer's face-up card is Ace, 10, or 9, split your hand. Hitting might lead to a bust. But you can split your cards into two separate hands to play two strong blackjack hands, then hit and end up busting.

Double Down on a Hard 11

Hitting is more advisable if the game rules require the dealer to stand on a soft 17. In any other case, double down on a hard 11. 

When you have two cards whose value totals 11 or have an Ace card, increase your bet. Considering that your goal is to make more cash, doubling your bet when the dealer's face-up card is between 2-10 while your hand is 11 is ideal. The chances of getting a ten or a high-value card are high, increasing your chances for a high payout.

Comparing Blackjack and Poker - Which is More Profitable?

Blackjack and poker have been popular games for quite a while now. The biggest similarity between these two games is the skill level that is required before playing. Although these games have some similarities, there are elements that make them different from each other.

  • Odds: Blackjack is considered the best table game because you play against the dealer or house, while in poker, you play against other players.
  • House Edge: The house edge in blackjack can drop down as low as 0.5% with a perfect strategy. On the other hand, poker games don't have a house edge since the game is played between two or more players.
  • Skill Level: Blackjack has both skill and luck elements, but poker is a pure game of skill. The player's skills will determine the outcome in poker games.

Conclusively, poker players find it more profitable than blackjack because the game provides more opportunities to grow and develop a career. On the other hand, blackjack stands out with better winning odds as the dealer's moves are limited and predictable. Make sure you study the rules of both games and the available opportunities before playing.

Is It Possible to Earn a Living Playing Blackjack Game?

Casino games have a mathematical edge over players. But, blackjack players have a higher percentage of earning more cash than other casino games players.

With a low house percentage of 5%, players have excellent chances to earn good money. Interestingly, the house edge can be lowered to about one percent after applying various strategies and tips.

This improves variance, increasing the chances for the game to go your way. It is possible to make money playing blackjack online or at a land-based casino.


Blackjack is a casino game that anyone can play and win. The key is to familiarize yourself with the rules, practice until you're confident, and apply strategies to minimize the house edge.

You should also be on the lookout for bonuses and promotions, as they can help increase your chances of winning. Remember to set a budget before playing and stick to it no matter what. With discipline and focus, you can walk away from the blackjack table with some extra cash in your pocket.

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