7 Card Blackjack

7 Card blackjack game has gained popularity and demand in the gambling industry. Many people prefer this variant over the popular 21 blackjack game. What makes 7 card game exciting are extremely easy to follow rules.

Moreover, this variant is played with the standard 52 cards, except that there is no joker. To fully understand how seven card blackjack works, you must follow the specific regulations. Also, you must familiarize yourself with the different variations of 7 card games, such as red jack, Switch, and Last Card Game.

Thanks to the latest cutting-edge technology, you can learn how to play the blackjack 7 card game from the comfort of your home or on the go. This article provides all the information you need to know about seven cards blackjack, including playing rules, payout odds, and more.

What is a 7 Card Game?

Black Jack is a card game that can be played between two or more people. This card game is known by different names, including Irish Switch, English Blackjack, Jack Changes, Last Card, and others. Although the game was originally designed for the UK community, it is now available in most casinos worldwide.

Unlike in a standard blackjack game, the object in the red jack is to discard all the cards in a single hand. The first person to play the final hand when the ergo has no remaining cards becomes the winner. This game shares many similarities with other variants in the broad family of crazy eight card games.

How to Play Blackjack 7 Card Game

Like earlier mentioned, the rules of playing black jack are easy to comprehend whether you are a beginner or an expert player. It is for this reason that the game is loved by many people across the world.

The red jack or black jack game is played using a standard single deck of cards or two standard decks. In the beginning, the dealer deals a total of seven cards to each player. The remaining cards are placed face down at the center of the table.

The player sitting on the left side of the dealer starts the game. The top card in the middle of the table is exposed at the beginning of the game. If this is not a trick card, the game starts right away. Players are free to use any card from their hand with a matching suit or rank. Note that the card that is played must be of an equal value or bigger.

However, if a player cannot place cards, he/she has the choice to draw cards from the pool of cards until they can play. Also, players can choose to withhold a card based on the personal strategy. In the event that the drawing cards are depleted, the discard pile is shuffled to become a new pool.

What are Power Cards?

In black jacks games, there are a couple of cards that are known as 'Power Cards,' and they affect the gameplay directly whenever they are used. We'll use the numerical number '2' to refer to the card values and 'two' to mean the number of cards.

The following are the action cards and the rules you must follow:

  • 2 - If a player plays a 2 of any suit, the next player must pick two cards from the drawing cards. Also, another player cannot put two cards simultaneously. But if a player has a 2, they are free to place it down rather than picking cards.
  • This implies that the next player must pick four cards. The game continues until a player without a 2 picks the current total. Do understand that drawing cards after a 2 is played limits a player from putting more cards down.
  • 8 - An 8 card causes the next player to miss a turn. The rules allow the dealer to start the game against if two people are playing and the first card turned over is a 8. Note that 7s and 8s can only affect the next player in line when they are played.
  • 7 - A 7 card has the ability to change the direction of the overall play. If the first card to be turned over is a 7, the player sitting on the right-hand side of the dealer starts the game. However, the rule demands the dealer to start if there are only two participants.
  • Jack - In case a player plays a black jack, it follows that the next player must pick six cards. The only thing that can prevent a player from picking cards is if they have a joker to place. If a black jack is played, the third player in line must pick 12 cards. Having a red jack protects you from picking the twelve cards. The dangerous time is when your opponent 'double blackjacks' you.
  • Ace - In 7 card casino game, aces follow any suit and neutral number. You must understand that you cannot use an ace card to neutralize a 2 or jack in an active gameplay. Also, an ace cannot be placed on special cards, such as a 2 and an 8.
  • 10 - The game will get reversed when a 10 is played by any member. It will maintain this direction until another player plays a ten card. The good thing with having a ten card is that you can place any card with a 10 card at hand; you can play with any card with a value that goes up to 10 or below.
  • Red Jacks: Placing a red jack will cancel the blackjack. In this case, a player doesn't have to draw five cards from the deck if the previous player placed a blackjack.

At the end, after all the face down cards have been picked, the top card from the pile of face-up cards is picked and put face up independently as the remaining cards are reshuffled before they are placed face down.

A player with only one card must say "Last Card" before going out, or the next person plays. Failure to announce "Last Card" will force player picking two cards, even if you had the opportunity to get out.

Another way to show that you have one card remaining is by knocking on the table. The online versions have dedicated features and functions to enable you to complete these actions.

5 Basic Strategy Tips for Winning

As a casino game of skill, players can use different strategies to increase the chances of winning. All the players need to do is to understand how the rules work and stick to the basic strategy. Here are simple strategy tips to follow:

  1. Always remember that the rank for any turn is determined by the first card that is played. You can take advantage to start with a low card.
  2. Monitor the suits that have been placed down in the game to give you a clue about the cards the other players might have.
  3. Hold onto your cards with multiple options to play when you are about to win. This will make it difficult for other players in the game to block you from winning.
  4. If you find yourself with many high cards, try to release them early before the other players play low cards.
  5. Always learn and master the rules of each variation before playing. This will reduce your chances of losing many hands.

The Wrap

Conclusively, seven cards is a thrilling game with many exciting features to boost your chances of winning. The basic rules of playing this variant and the bet types are different from what we are used to in standard blackjack games. The simple rules and relatively bigger odds are what lure many players to this casino game.

We recommend playing this game with friends for fun to understand the gameplay before advancing to real money gaming.


Can a power card end the game?

Unfortunately, a power card does not end the game. If the last hand features this card, the player must draw a new card from the deck.

Can a red jack cancel a black jack?

Sure, a red jack automatically cancels a blackjack. If the player before you place down two black jacks, you must place two red jacks or one red jack, then draw five cards from the stack.

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