3D Blackjack

Blackjack is a popular table game with many variations in the market. You can play many blackjack games at leading online casinos in the US and across the world. One of the most common variations in the market is 3D blackjack. The advantage of this version is that it has friendly gameplay for new players. In addition, you can play a 3D blackjack game for fun or for real money at any reputable casino. There are many reasons why this casino game has gained popularity over the past years.

Keep on reading our comprehensive guide to learn everything about this incredible casino card game. We've described how 3D blackjack works, possible payouts, bonus features, overall gameplay, and more.

What is 3D Blackjack Game?

3D blackjack is a fantastic game by Iron Dog Studios. This version of blackjack offers a simple and realistic way of winning decent payouts. 3D blackjack attracts many people with its stunning graphics, immersive sound effects, and seamless gameplay. Additionally, the table layout of this game is more or less like what you can find at any land-based casino in the US. 

The appealing thing about this game is that players are dealt three hands simultaneously to bet on. Other than being a multi-hand table game, 3D blackjack allows players to split hands to increase winning opportunities. Additionally, this game is fully optimized in HTML5 so that you can play it across all platforms, including smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.

How to Play 3D Blackjack at Online Casinos

As aforementioned, the gameplay in 3D blackjack is pretty straightforward. This explains why this table game is highly recommended for new players. The rules of playing this game are easy to comprehend; the returns are worth the time. 

Like other blackjack games, each round starts with the player placing chips in the locations marked on the table. All coin values are listed at the bottom of the home screen. The minimum chip value is 0.5, and the maximum wager is 100 per hand. Select the chip you want based on your budget. Players are free to place chips in one or all three betting areas. 

Since 3D blackjack has no timer, there is no hurry for setting bets. Once all bets are placed, hit the "DEAL" button to start the game.

This is followed by two cards being drawn for each betting position you play. Additionally, the dealer draws two cards, where one card is exposed and the other is dealt face down. The game starts on the rightmost area, where players can hit, stand, split, or double each hand. The split option is available if you have a pair card at hand. Once you have decided what move to make with each hand, the computer program takes over. The program or dealer reveals the second card and then compares the hands with the player's active hands. To win in 3D blackjack, the dealer and player must have hands close to 21 without exceeding. Any hand that goes over 21 is a burst, and the player or dealer loses. Also, the game can end with a natural by drawing 21 with the first two cards.

3D Blackjack Decks and Payouts

The 3D blackjack game is played with the standard 52 decks, where the joker is excluded. When playing this version online, all cards marked from 2 to 10 are worth the same number of points. However, the ace can be equal to 1 or 11, depending on the one that suits your hand better. The remaining cards, Jack, Queen, and King, are equivalent to 10 points. 

The objective is to get a total of 21 points without exceeding. In case the dealer's points exceed 21, they burst, and you get a payout of 1:1. But if there is a tie of points, the game ends in a push. If the player's hand is close to 21, they get a payout of 2:1. Lastly, if the final hand is a blackjack, the payout is 3:2.

3D Blackjack Bonus Features

There are several special bonus features in 3D blackjack you can use to boost your chances of winning more money. These features are special to this version, and they follow different rules of use. The bonus features are:

Insurance Bet

A player is allowed to buy an insurance bet if the dealer's upcard is an ace. Insurance is bought by betting an extra 0.5x the initial bet. In case the dealer has a blackjack, the player wins double the insurance bet. But if the dealer does not get a blackjack, the player loses the insurance bet, and the outcome is determined by the total cards at hand against the dealer's cards.

Split Bet

Splitting in 3D blackjack only works if the player is dealt two face cards of the same value. With the split bet, the initial cards are doubled, and the bet is placed on both hands. Note that if you split a hand, blackjack with a payout of 3:2 doesnt apply on that hand. A winning hand, in this case, has an even payout of 1:1. Once the player is done with the first hand, they must decide whether to stand, hit or request another card. Do understand that splitting is allowed only once per hand. The last step is for the dealer to reveal his cards and picks more cards until a total of 17 or greater is achieved. Keep in mind that a player cannot hit or split aces in a blackjack casino game.

Double Bet

In a 3D blackjack game, a player can only double the wager after checking the initial two cards. When you double, you buy one extra card to your hand, and if your burst, you must stand. Additionally, you can double after splitting, except when splitting aces is involved.

3D Blackjack Strategy and Winning Tips

Like any other classic game, you can use different strategies to increase the odds of winning. It is essential to practice with free games before advancing to real money gaming. As you know, a good strategy should reduce the house edge to 0.5%. Follow these strategies to optimize your winnings:

  • Practice: The secret to succeeding in any blackjack game is to play for free before advancing to real money gambling. Regular exercise will help you to understand the gameplay and boost your winnings.
  • Start with Small Wagers: Wagering small amounts will minimize losses and enhance the gaming experience. Also, players get to learn the game before increasing the stake.
  • Claim Bonuses: Online casinos offer different types of bonuses to new players. However, you must know that terms apply to casino bonuses.
  • Play on Mobile: Modern online casinos are optimized to allow you to play 3D blackjack from wherever you are.

The Bottom Line

In summary, 3D blackjack delivers maximum excitement to players of experiences. This is offered on many casino websites. Like other versions, you can play it for free or advance to real-money gaming. The important thing is to ensure you practice and use a strategy to win more. Always remember to choose a licensed and regulated online casino.

3D Blackjack FAQs

What is an insurance bet in 3D blackjack?

This wager allows players to buy an insurance bet if the dealer's upcard is an ace. If the dealer has a blackjack, the player wins double the insurance bet.

What is the RTP in 3D blackjack?

The return to player percentage (RTP) is 99.54%. This leaves the casino with an advantage of 0.46%.

What is the maximum bet in 3D blackjack?

The maximum bet in this blackjack version is $500 per hand, and the minimum stake is 0.50.

What bonus features are there in 3D blackjack?

Many players love 3D blackjack because of the special features like split, double, and insurance.

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